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Packers Voted Classiest Organization In Sports Illustrated Poll


In the upcoming issue of Sports Illustrated, the results of a poll show that NFL players feel that the Green Bay Packers are the classiest organization in the league.

The poll, which will run in the magazine's "SI Players" section, surveyed 354 players from around the league. The Packers received 18% of the votes, beating out San Francisco (15%), Dallas and New England (10% each) for the top spot.

Packers' President and Chief Executive Officer Bob Harlan was proud to hear the results of the poll, and said that he has had similar feedback from coaches and players who have been a part of the Packers organization over the years.

"There's a great deal of pride in that vote for us," said Harlan. "We have always tried to go out of our way to make sure that we have the finest accommodations for the players -- regarding the practice fields, the practice areas, the way we travel -- and I'm glad they feel that way.

"We have had a lot of coaches who have left here, including Mike Holmgren, who have said that this is the best place in the league to be a head coach. I would like players to think that when they're here that this is the best place to play football, that they're treated well, good fans, great stadium, great tradition."

Harlan cited what some people might look at as small details as to part of what may have led the players to rank the Packers at the top of the list.

"I don't know what prompts players to vote the way they voted, but I would just hope that when they come here, they receive first-class treatment in every way we do things," he said. "We talk about, for example, a larger plane for longer road trips. We travel well, we feed them well, we focus on that -- that they are treated well while they are here.

"I think it is important that players feel that they are a priority with us. I would guess that this vote shows that they do realize that."

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