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Packers vs. Browns Halftime Chat

Senior writer Mike Spofford took questions during halftime of the Packers-Browns game. See his take on the first half.

Hey everybody. It's halftime at Lambeau. Send me your questions. I've got about 10 minutes.

Comment From Guest

injury free so far ??

As far as I know.

Comment From KK

What are your impressions of Callahan?

That two-minute drive was impressive. Until then, what I liked was his ability to escape the rush when things broke down, but he didn't get in a rhythm with his throws until the end of the half.

Comment From TL

Keep 3 QBs this year?

Let's not get ahead of ourselves. Lot of preseason left.

Comment From Guest

Who stood to you so far

Justin Perillo keeps catching everything thrown his way, just like in practice. He's not the most athletic looking tight end, but he produces. He has to be leading for third TE right now.

Comment From GS

Its just the preseason, but missed tackles by Defense just brings back the feel of same old defense. your take on defense?

A couple of leaks against the run, and the one big pass play early, but otherwise, rather nondescript. I'm not impressed with Cleveland's personnel in the passing game.

Comment From Guest

What did you notice about datone jones?

Getting after the QB, but run defense is not his thing. I think he's going to be a pass rush specialist for this team.

Comment From Pete T 

TE seems to be the primary target or are the WR not getting open again this year?

Callahan was locking in on the TEs and Abbrederis. Most of the throws were quick. Not a lot of waiting and looking around.

Comment From Nick 

Keep 3 TEs this year?

I would think so. Two would be awfully thin.

Comment From Guest 

Seemed like Callahan had to run around alot after the starting OL left the field.

Yeah, but that's to be expected. It wasn't a total jailbreak every play or anything, but he handled himself well.

Comment From Pete T

Callahan done for the night?

I'm guessing the second half goes to Williams.

Comment From Scott 

Thoughts on Martinez? Liked the play got after RG3.

Missed one tackle in the run game, but he got pressure on two inside blitzes. Tackling is the one thing you can't do in practice, so one miss in the first game isn't a huge red flag in my book.

Comment From joe

Have you seen Jeff Janis "just go deep" so far? ;)

Janis is not playing tonight. He had his hand in an ice bag after practice the other day and said he jammed a finger or something.

Comment From Guest 

I didn't get a chance to watch Clarks impact because I was watching other players. Whats your take on his 1st half.

I didn't have a chance to watch him.

Comment From Jeff

How's that punting competition shaping up?

Nothing all that great by either guy tonight.

Comment From Sheila

The low hit QB call on Mccray surprised me. It's an offensive league.

That's a point of emphasis for the officials this year. Not surprised it was called.

Comment From Susie 

Abbrederis didn't look as sharp as I expected, seems to be hesitating

I thought he should have gotten more on the return on that long punt. But on offense, I think he's doing fine.

Comment From Guest 

Thoughts on O-Lineman Lucas Patrick

He's playing can't be easy.

Comment From Phil

How did Lacy's runs look?

I thought he ran hard. Plenty to like there. If he keeps running like that, he'll get plenty of work.

Comment From D

How did Kentrell Brice do?

He's been active. I thought he showed pretty good speed chasing down the Browns RB on that long run. Saved a TD.

Comment From Bill 

Do you think maybe the play calling is a little stale?

It's always basic in the preseason. Not about scheme. OK, there's the kickoff. Gotta run folks. Thanks for all the questions.

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