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Packers vs Colts Halftime Chat

Senior writer Mike Spofford took questions during halftime of the Packers-Colts game. See his take on the first half.

All right. Not what anyone expected, but here we go.

Comment From Guest

Ok what is wrong this week?

So far, pretty much everything. Kickoff coverage has been awful. Defense got schooled on that last drive. Offense is blowing chances.

Comment From Tom

That last defensive drive was about the worst I have ever seen for the Packers. Cmon. Get your head in the game boys.

The pass rush isn't doing the job against the worst O-line sack-wise in the NFL. Not pretty.

Comment From BrettGB

Our pass rush isn't getting home. I'm missing Matthews.

This defense is proving it's not effective rushing the passer without Matthews.

Comment From Tom

Not to mention our receivers cannot capitalize on the second-to-worst secondary in the NFL.

They've had chances for big plays. Rodgers' one throw was off. Janis should have caught the other. Can't miss those. The Colts aren't.

Comment From Jeff

At least 2 people came to play today. Ha Ha and Montgomery.. Rest of team needs to wake up. They really look lethargic.

It's not lethargy. They're just getting beat by the other guys. The other guys are playing better. Have to turn it around. Still 2 quarters left.

Comment From Marin

The Colts OL is doing a far better job than advertised.

Yup, and it's not for a lack of effort on Capers' part. I've counted at least 3-4 times he's rushed 6 guys.

Comment From Niklas

Seriously, is this possible to turn aroun?

Definitely. Score coming out of half and it's game on.

Comment From Sean-Luc 

The few times the Packers go with Ty in the backfield and the 5 WR sets the offense was really clicking. Why even move away from that? Offense runs stagnant with those 2 TE, 1 WR sets.

May not have a choice now. If the Colts keep scoring, going to have to open it up on offense no matter what.

Comment From Elliot 

Do you think we're going to see Randall Cobb in the 2nd half? Or did he suit up as a decoy?

I'm guessing he doesn't play, but what do I know? I thought Matthews was playing today.

Comment From Justin

Was not expecting Green Bay to give up a touchdown on the opening kickoff. That guy was not touched at all.

Nope, and on the other long return, he got to the edge with four blockers with him.

Comment From Randy

Winner the turnover battle, but that is all.

Yes, that is all at this point. Not converting the first INT into any points was a huge missed opportunity.

Comment From Thad 

Mike, if I had to sum up the first half it would go like this. Colts are playing with heart, the Packers aren't.

It's not about heart. They just aren't playing well. I don't understand why people say when a team is losing it doesn't care. The other guys are just better so far, and the Packers have to get it turned around.

Comment From AppletonRocks

Chuck Pagano making some great calls.

They've had some great calls on offense that have caught the Packers off-guard.

Comment From Guest 

Mike, who is your guy to watch in the second half?

Jordy Nelson. He has to be Rodgers' guy I think.

Comment From Guest 

Minnesota lost today and it'd be a shame to let this game go to waste. We need the offensive fire we showed in Atlanta.

Yes, this is a big opportunity with the Vikings losing. Lose this one, and the Packers drop to third place.

Comment From Guest 

What does the offense need? Better separation? Better pass protection? Rodgers hasn't gotten a yard passing in 3 straight possessions.

All of the above.

Comment From Tyler 

Janis has one job.. catch the ball. He catches that long pass and it's a different game

I agree. Things would look different.

Comment From Teddy 

What do we need to do to adjust?

Protect Rodgers so he can get in a rhythm. Start with some short throws and then maybe attack the seams. Stretch horizontally first, then vertically.

Comment From Kenny

Mike, Rodgers was taking some deep shots in the first half, one missed TD. Can we expect more of the same in the second half, or do we get MM conservative establish the run then pass stuff?

He may not have a choice. It might take 35-plus points to win.

Comment From Guest

How about the punter though. He is the one bright spot in this travesty of a game.

Schum has done well. Defense had the third-and-9 from the 5 yard line. Gotta get the stop there.

Comment From Robert Allen 

I think everyone needs to calm down Mike

There are still 2 quarters left. It's a 2-score game. Far from over. Here comes the kickoff. Gotta go.

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