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Packers vs Cowboys Halftime Chat

Senior writer Mike Spofford took questions during halftime of the Packers-Cowboys game. See his take on the first half.

Crazy ending to the first half there. Let's go.

Comment From Chris

What is going on with Rodgers??

He's not sharp, but I give credit to Dallas defense so far. They haven't given up the big plays.

Comment From JJ

Help me achieve first half perspective.

All I can say is Packers get the ball first coming out of half. Get a score to make it a one-score game and there's plenty of football left.

Comment From Brandon

Defense looks fine except for the first and last drive. Offense looks ehhh

That last drive really hurt, obviously. Gunter falling down on the 42-yard pass to Williams was a killer. Then they went right back at him on the next snap. Smart move by Prescott. Kicked a young guy while he was down.

Comment From Ziggy

I think McCharthy is desperately trying to jump-start the offense and it is backfiring. Calling a time out after 6-yard run is just not smart coaching.

Third-and-1 is tough to stop, for sure, but he's still figuring Dallas isn't going to go the length of the field in that short time with no timeouts. Gunter falling down was the killer play.

Comment From Rob 

Defense does not look fine - looks like they identified our 4th cornerback isn't that great

The fourth CB is the top one on the field right now. This is a tough spot for the Packers defense, so depleted at CB.

Comment From Marin

Any chance we'll see more of Cobb in the backfield the second half?

Packers are going to have to throw to win. Lacy just can't be a workhorse on that ankle, but I think they suspected that coming in.

Comment From Guest 

Play calling??? 3rd and five and we throw it long???

Rodgers is seeing matchups he likes and is going for those throws, but the throws aren't quite on target to make it work. On fourth-and-5, he had Cobb on a safety. You take that matchup any day. But he didn't throw it quite far enough.

Comment From Brandon 

Anything on damarious?

Reinjured the groin. I do not expect him to return.

Comment From Tony 

Too many drops, again, Mike

Yes, some catchable passes not helping.

Comment From Eric 

How do the packers turn this around in the second half?

Sharpen up. Throw more accurately, catch the balls that can be caught. Run with Lacy if he can hold up. It's all about rhythm. If the offense finds some rhythm, Dallas' defense is nothing special.

Comment From Ben 

Where is the trust in Crosby?

Would have been a 56-yarder from the 38. Miss would have given Dallas really good field position and plenty of time. I don't disagree with the call to go for it there.

Comment From Scott 

55 yd FG was in Crosby's range...why not?

We don't know what the word was after pre-game warmups, as far as the range, but I'm guessing the field position risk was behind the decision.

Comment From Shaun 

Would you favor that rhythm to be found through an up-tempo offense, or does the Pack need to focus more on controlling the clock in this one?

You don't need to hurry. Just get moving steadily and keep the defense off the field. It's only a two-score game.

Comment From Tom 

How does the D try to cover up the back ups?

There's only so much you can do. If you keep both safeties deep, they'll run Elliott all day.

Comment From Jess 

Rodgers getting a ton of time but still unable to find receivers. Are the receivers not getting open or is Rodgers just being too hesitant?

I'm not seeing guys open from up here.

Comment From Agus 

What need to happen to turn this around?

Score on the first drive of the second half, and then fire up the defense to hold strong.

Comment From Scott

Why didnt McCarthy go for it on those 2 fourth and 1? We could have a totally different game if we convert and move on to score

In those situations at the time, I thought it was smart to kick the field goals. It was 7-6 after that and still very early in the game.

Comment From Declan

Hi Mike, any hunch who can give the offense a spark in the 2nd half?

I'm still going with Cobb in the passing game. Maybe Jordy, too, if Claiborne doesn't come back.

OK, there's the kickoff. Gotta run.

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