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Packers vs. Giants Halftime Chat

Senior writer Mike Spofford took questions during halftime of the Packers-Giants game. See his take on the first half.


OK, folks, let's go

Comment From Ben from Hilo

How is LaDarius Gunter holding up?

Seems like he's been fine. Rollins has had Beckham the most and has been tested.

Comment From Vincent

Is Lacy ok?

As far as I know. Those last 2 series were two-minute drills, and Starks is usually the guy there. We'll see second half if anything is up with Eddie.

Comment From Tom from Kohler 

Is Eli really that focused on getting Beckham the ball or is he actually the only opening receiver open?

A little of both. He's definitely looking for Beckham, though.

Comment From Tyler 

With Rodgers having 2 interceptions today and the run game working very well, do you think Mccarthy will use more runs to set up play action next half

They'll get back to running the ball. They just didn't do it late first half because those were two-minute drill situations.

Comment From Justin

How about Kyler?

Huge play from the rookie. They've given him a role and he's seizing it. Great to see.

Comment From Evan 

Turn overs are frustrating. If we don't turn it over, we are up by more than three scores.

The dropped screen in the red zone by Starks was the biggest play. He had a wall of blockers and could have walked into the end zone. Then you get the INT right after. Giants did the same, sort of. Tye wide open deep over the middle. Manning overthrows. Next snap, sack-fumble. Been one of those games.

Comment From Guest 

Mike, what's going on with Rodgers? I'm not used to seeing him like this. He's missing easy ones.

He's made some of his usual strong throws, but yes, he's also missed on some we're used to seeing him hit. Bye week layoff? I don't know. The TD pass to Adams was a beauty, but other throws are off, you're right.

Comment From Justin 

Why does it take so long for our receivers to get open?

Giants are only rushing three or four on most plays. That's why Rodgers has so much time. They're playing coverage. Somebody has to find an opening, though.

Comment From Dean 

What do we need to do in the second half to get the win, Mike?

Run the ball, control the clock, and keep getting after Eli. Giants don't have a run game. This game falls on Eli.

Comment From Matt 

The corners seem to be holding up ok, but I'm still seeing them chase from a yard behind too often. Giants just aren't playing sharp enough to take advantage.

They've had some opportunities, but the Packers have made the tackles on the short throws to prevent big plays. That's what you have to do. Tye's 27-yarder and his other one that was incomplete were the only real glaring defensive breakdowns.

Comment From Declan 

I understand the TOs are going to happen, honestly I like Rodgers better when he's letting it fly - it's what we pay him to do, no?

I think Nelson would say he should have caught the first INT. The second one, the pass shouldn't be thrown where that can happen.

Comment From Vincent 

Are the Giants targeting Blake and Ryan? Seems like they both are having trouble defending the pass

The Giants will have to come back to the TE. Tye has gotten the Packers mixed up on defense a couple of times. First Martinez, then it looked like maybe Ryan on the second one.

Comment From Iain

Great to see Kenny Clark get on that fumble. In your opinion, how is the D Line performing overall getting pressure into the backfield?

They're doing what they've done all season. Some TFLs against the run, and decent pressure on Manning. He's had time on some throws, but he's not dancing around back there like Rodgers.

Comment From Augusto 

Who´s the player to watch in the second half?

Cobb was making things happen early. I look to go back to him, and feed Lacy the ball.

Comment From Lynn 

The offense seems to be out of sync occasionally. Can you tell if it's Aaron or the receivers?

Couple of off-target throws, but also a couple throws that could have been caught.

Comment From Carl 

Many mistakes, but like having an 11 point halftime lead.

Yeah, not a clean game, but that's football. This first drive of the third quarter for NY will be big, as it usually is. Keep it a two-score game and get the ball back to the offense and I like GB's chances.

Comment From Tom 

I noticed they started the game with a slower pace. It's apparent McCarthy wants to control TOP and run as many plays as possible.

He was subbing personnel in and out like crazy. Spriggs as an extra TE, Ripkowski in the backfield, lots of different receivers getting in. It was fun to watch. That first drive was very efficient, with a ton of variety.

Comment From ClaudiaZ

Why do we keep putting a receiver in the back field to run the ball?!

I'm guessing we won't see too much of that in the second half. The regular RBs are getting the job done tonight.

Comment From Alex 

Booing a punter after below average punt? Doesn't seem too winsome

Schum has not looked good tonight. His first punt was a big reason for the Giants' first FG.

Comment From Ricky

I can't believe that TD to Cobb got called back! That move was beautiful.

Yeah, too bad. Just a little too quick on the 12 men free play led to the illegal shift, offsetting penalty. OK, there's the kickoff. Gotta run.

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