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Packers vs. Lions Halftime Chat

Senior writer Mike Spofford took questions during halftime of the Packers-Lions game. See his take on the first half.


Big first half for the Packers. OK, folks, let's go.

Comment From Guest

Hey Mike! What's up with Jared Cook?

They were looking at his ankle on the sideline and took him to the locker room.

Comment From Allen 

Well, well. What a difference a week makes in the NFL.

Funny league, isn't it?

Comment From Declan 

You think you've seen it all, then the heads up play from Montgomery... have you ever seen that?

Yes, Cobb did that a few years ago. Very smart.

Comment From Chris 

Jordy Nelson looks better, but I think he is still lacking some of his pace. Maybe he was just trying too hard before today

It was a long layoff. He's looked more and more like himself each game.

Comment From Andy 

Definitely the Packer team we've been waiting for all year. Rocking like it's 2014?

Looks like that today. You just hope these injuries aren't too bad.

Comment From Bob 

Would be fun to watch Rodgers set team record for TD passes in a single game.

Just win the game.

Comment From Guest 

Hey Spoff! The Pack look back like their old selves. Homefield advantage seemed to shrink last season without Jordy. With his huge performance so far, could Jordy's play at home be the key to their success at Lambeau?

I said all last week not to write this offense off until they get to play at home. It's a long season, and these guys needed this.

Comment From Guest 

what do you think of the penalty for throat slashing?

Nick Perry should know better, and he does.

Comment From Jon 

Do we remain unconvinced, because it's the lions?

Lions are banged up on defense, too. At this point, that doesn't matter. It's about finding some rhythm and they've found it. But Minn's defense is legit, for sure.

Comment From Matt 

Dropped a few interceptions there.

Hyde will be kicking himself for sure. I thought the one with Gunter was a pretty tough play.

Comment From Daniel 

How about that run from Eddie? He is looking good.

Great block by Tretter and then Ripkowski in the hole. That was a huge running lane. Then Eddie's power gets the extra yards at the end of it. How you draw it up.

Comment From Zane

any news about Blake Martinez

He's getting stitches for a cut above his nose. It broke open on him last week, too.

Comment From Declan  
Still only 6 carries for Lacy, but yet the offense is scoring a lot of points - proving that we all truthfully "don't know where the execution problems lie." Expecting a heavy dose of Lacy in the 2nd half though right??

Lacy and Starks, yeah.

Comment From Vincent 

Do we get the 2nd half Kickoff? I was late.

Lions get it. They deferred.

Comment From Brandon 

Besides Rodgers play, who has jumped out the most?

Nelson. Plus the defensive front. Perry, Daniels, Peppers all doing their thing.

Comment From Charles 

Funny game ... identical yardage at the half, but only one team really in it

Packers had a 66-yard play on a defensive pass interference penalty.

Comment From Old Man 

Hawkins stumbled. Brice is playing too. Lots of young guys.

Yeah, this is why you keep young guys that can play. The Hawkins play was unfortunate. Even after he stumbled, with better awareness, he could have prevented that from going all the way.

Comment From Linda P 

Mike, My concern is that the injuries on both sides are beginning to mount up..After the next game do the 2 suspended players come back?

I'm a little concerned about the injuries, too, but win this one and then you have the bye week. The two suspended players have to miss the next game as well, then they can come back.

Comment From Whitey 

How are the young d lineman playing?

Lowry has made a couple of plays. First time I've really seen him show up. Has been pretty decent against the run.

Comment From Dave 

Defense needs a three and out to start the half with, keep the tempo going.

Yeah, you don't want to give the Lions a quick score here and then they're only down 14 with plenty of game left. Get a stop right away, keep them at bay.

Comment From Matt 

I've been watching Clark do a great job pushing the pocket

I agree. He's a strong kid it appears.

Comment From Geoff 

Good to have Nelson back but pleased to see Adams catch something.

Good play by Adams there as the hot read against the blitz. He got his head around and was right where Rodgers needed him.

Comment From Guest 

Hawkins has to play to the whistle. He thought his man was going out of bounds

You're probably right. I never got a great look at it, but that can't go for a TD. Tough lesson for a young guy to learn.

Comment From Tom 

Looks like we are getting thin in the secondary. This could end up as a shootout.

The Lions are going to keep throwing it all over the place. The Packers have a ton of TFLs vs. the run already in this game. There's no point in them trying to run it.

Comment From Guest 

They called Randall's pocketpick an interception.

I wondered when I saw it what it would be, but I can see why it was an INT. Either way, fumble or INT, great play.

Comment From Jack 

What a run defense! Been long time since we could say that!

It's been impressive. OK, second half kickoff is in the air. Later folks.

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