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Packers vs. Raiders Halftime Chat

Senior writer Mike Spofford took questions during halftime of the Packers-Raiders game. See his take on the first half.

Hey everyone. Halftime. Fire away

Comment From Marc 

Who stood out for you in the first half?

I really liked what I saw from GB's defense, particularly the inside linebackers. Barrington, Thomas, Martinez all made nice plays in pursuit. It was a strong overall effort on D.

Comment From Chris 

Any word on the ankle injury

No, we probably won't hear much until Saturday at the earliest. It appears obvious he re-aggravated the bad ankle.

Comment From Guest 

Not able to watch the game, but it looked like Ripkowski had some nice plays. Any thoughts on him?

His best showing so far for sure. A couple of nice lead blocks in the hole, saw a good block on kick return too. Should have caught one pass after his one reception, but otherwise a good outing.

Comment From Guest 

Are you seeing anybody standing out on the D-line?

Not really, but the Raiders were running a lot of quick drop, dump it off stuff, not a lot where the pass rush was going to generate much. That's why the LB pursuit was so crucial.

Comment From Chris

Hey Mike, I really like the roll Davante Adams is carving out in this offense. The come back throws and perimeter catches should match up well with Jordy Nelson. Are you seeing those types of plays during camp as well?

Haven't seen it a ton in camp, to be honest, but Adams made a great read and adjustment on the back-shoulder throw from Hundley for a big gain. Even got grabbed as he was trying to come back to the ball and made the catch. I thought that was a really nice play by him, and a good sign for the Packers offense.

Comment From Tom 

Lacy continues to show he is back in 2014 form. How much of that can we attribute to preseason football, and how much can we assume he has progressed?

He looks strong and powerful, and he's not slow hitting the holes. Looks like the old Eddie to me.

Comment From Tom 

Have the Raiders been playing their first offense all game? And Kahlil Mack was in far longer than I expected. Perhaps this first half is a much closer indication of a true NFL game than the last

Raiders are a much better team than the Browns are, and what the Packers D did in the first half was pretty darn good.

Comment From Staten Island Bill 

Mortell seems to have an NFL leg for sure.

He had a couple nice punts there, yeah. This is a close race vs. Masthay.

Comment From Mike 

So much for the added emphasis of not going low on quarterbacks...

Yeah, I hear you.

Comment From Matt 

It's not just Eddy - our whole run game looks more cohesive than it did last year. Great blocking and great plays from several backs, even when the Raiders probably knew the run was coming. Definitely something to look forward to this year.

McCarthy loves to run it, especially early in games if it starts out strong.

Comment From Guest 

It's only a handful of plays, but I like the speed that Cook brings. He looks like a guy that we can take advantage of a mismatch on coverage,something we lacked with Rodgers

He's a tougher matchup, no doubt. Seeing him split wide and cut across on the slant, that was about as easy a 10-yard reception as you could have.

Comment From Kyle 

It's good to see solid play from Randall and Rollins. Having both of those players take a step this year is critical for the success of the defense.

Agreed. Nice INT by Randall after giving up the early one over his head, and Rollins always seems to be in good position.

Comment From Guest 

I for one was happy to see the Raiders keep their ones in for the whole half, especially when they were giving our second string offense hell. No better way to toughen up developing players like Spriggs, right?

Mack gave Spriggs a heck of a lesson, but that's one of the best in the league against a rookie, so it's to be expected. Spriggs will be better for it.

Comment From Guest 

How is J.C Tretter holding up at center?

Fine. You wouldn't know he's not the regular starter.

Comment From Vic

Why are Clay and Julius out? Same reason as Rodgers?


Comment From JR 

Appears that Banjo made some nice plays out there. Not only on special teams but defense as well

He knows what he's doing and is a solid backup in this league, plus a leader on special teams. Great teammate, too.

Comment From Chris

Mike, Hasn't it seemed the refs are holding their flags a bit today? I thought Randall could have been flagged for Interference, as well as a couple of plays against Adams and Monty. Is this a preseason thing or a trend?

Every crew is different, man. It's just as inconsistent in the regular season, isn't it?

Comment From Adam 

Is a full half for a rookie 4th rounder in a preseason game unusual ?

Not at all.

Comment From Ashley O 

Another interception this game! I like our options at secondary!

It's the deepest position group on the roster.

Comment From Jeremy 

What was your thoughts on Joe Callahan in the first half?

He looked like a third-string QB is going to look against a first-string D.

Comment From Barb G.

Was Brett Hundley limping when he came off the field?

Yes, went right to the bench to get looked at by the docs.

Comment From Cody 

Are the punters splitting reps?

Yes. Both have performed well tonight in my view.

Comment From ron 

Spoff, stop picking on the ref's - you might get fined.


Comment From Pete  

Hi Mike, Mortell or Masthay - if you had a choose today who made the team, who would you pick?

Too close to call, honestly. Gun to my head I take the veteran right now, but there's still time to sort this out.

Comment From Ashley O

Anything from Carl Bradford yet?

He was on the first unit on both kickoff and kickoff return, which is a sign he's in position to maybe make the roster.

Comment From Jason

What did you see from the gunners, particularly who possibly will be taking over for Janis?

Randall got downfield pretty fast one time, but that was about all I saw.

OK, ball is about to be kicked. Thanks everyone. Later, Mike

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