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Packers vs Texans Halftime Chat

Senior writer Mike Spofford took questions during halftime of the Packers-Texans game. See his take on the first half.

All right, here we go.

Comment From Matt 

Gotta love a snow day

No doubt. Fun game to watch. Clearly the Texans receivers aren't used to trying to catch passes in these conditions.

Comment From Ken 

Any word on Perry's injury?

No. Hand injury, he hasn't returned to the game.

Comment From Brandon 

End of the half and no score? Defense is playing well today.

Maybe the worm is turning.

Comment From Vincent 

Any update on Perry and Ryan?

Ryan came back in the game.

Comment From Guest 

Morgan Burnett looks like he's ready for some December football. He's everywhere!

Playing well for sure. He's had a solid season.

Comment From Richard 

Did you Like Cobb's Snow angel?

For sure. Glad he didn't get flagged for it. You never know these days.

Comment From Jester 

It's not a bad performance from the D side of things even if it is a poorly shaped team we are playing. However it is inexcusable for the field position we have had multiple times to have 7 points. What is the generic excuse this week, execution or is the other team really just that much better than our unit again this week?

Hard to say. I thought on one third-down pass, Rodgers wanted to go to Cook quick over the middle, but Cook wasn't looking. That stalled one drive. Getting nothing on two runs on second-and-1 is frustrating. The Packers have certainly had their chances here.

Comment From Justin 

The lions are winning.....

Yes, but only by 7 at the half, right?

Comment From Tabb and Declan 

Glad to have scored, and that Peppers came up with a drive stuffing sack to finish the half off there... but expecting Pack to come back 2nd half with the ball in their hands a little motivated about those missed opportunities in the first half.

Agreed. Kudos to Peppers for moving into fifth on the all-time sack list.

Comment From PackerBilly 

"Watching" on radio. Is the footing causing problems, or not too bad ?

Oh, it's an issue. Guys are sliding all over the place anytime they go to the ground. Hard to run full speed in this stuff

Comment From Ken 

Micaels look like he is catching on the offense?

He is definitely showing some speed off the jump. Quickest back we've seen in GB in a while.

Comment From Matt 

How bad is Rodgers hurting?

He doesn't seem too limited by the hamstring. He's not taking off and running like we've seen, but he's able to move around plenty.

Comment From Daniel 

This is what football is all about. The Texans do not seem to be enjoying themselves in this snow.

I would agree, which is why a bigger lead would be even better right now. For as much as the Packers have dominated field position, 7-0 is like a win for the Texans.

Comment From Nathan 

How hard is it to hold onto the ball in these conditions?

Not easy. We saw two early fumbles, and the Texans haven't been catching the ball very well.

Comment From Johan 

Two words: Dean Lowry

That was a heck of a sack. He just blasted through there. We don't see sacks out of the base defense very often.

Comment From Matt 

What was Randall jumping around about on that 4th down stop?

I think he thought the receiver across from him flinched and should have been called for a false start.

Comment From Dave, UK

Do you think Vic misses the snow

Ha, good one.

Comment From dave 

before Ryan's injury, was Mathews only playing half the snaps?

Matthews has been in and out of the game. Looks like they're limiting his snaps due to the shoulder injury.

Comment From Ben 

Do you see the offense begin scoring more in the second half, or for it to continue to be about the defenses?

I think the offenses will settle in more. Packers need to get points on this first drive and give the defense some breathing room.

Comment From WaupacaJohn 

I'd sure like to see Michaels running between the tackles some more

Me, too.

Comment From Matt 

Really good secondary play this week, even if Houston's WRs are out of their element.

The DBs are breaking on the ball well, but Osweiler telegraphs a lot of throws.

Comment From Dean 

Mike, Starks hasn't looked good all year. It's clear Micheal is the better back. Going forward, does he become the featured back?

Could be. We'll see. I still like Starks in the screen game, which we haven't seen today. OK, kickoff. Gotta go. Thanks everybody.

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