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Packers vs. Vikings Halftime Chat

Senior writer Mike Spofford took questions during halftime of the Packers-Vikings game. See his take on the first half.

OK, big ending to the half there for the Packers. Let's go.

Comment From Luke

Who started for Cobb?

Geronimo Allison has taken most of Cobb's snaps so far.

Comment From Matt W 

Boy, is Matthews bringing it or what?

It's great to see him healthy again.

Comment From Scott 

Why cant we seem to stop the passing game. Making Bradford look like Montana again. First time its Diggs now Thielen

The long one to Thielen was a bad play by two guys. Rollins got beat, and HHCD took a terrible angle. The pass rush is making up for that now, which is what the Packers need.

Comment From Eric 

I'm happy with the results, but what happened to the balance with run and pass? Is it something with the Vikings defense?

They're stouter up front than they are in the secondary. Good weather, Rodgers in a rhythm, you keep going with him.

Comment From Dave, UK 

Great couple of turnovers!

One was a lucky break, the other was a great play by a great player.

Comment From Guest 

who are our starting corners today?

The first nickel group was Rollins, Gunter and Hyde, but Gunter now has an elbow injury.

Comment From Paul 

The way Aaron is moving around today makes you wonder how healthy he was earlier in the year, your thought

I knew when I saw Rodgers take the first snap of the game from under center, rather than in pistol or shotgun, it was a good sign for his health and mobility.

Comment From Merril S 

How about more screens with Montgomery? Wouldnt this loosen up the front D line for better running lanes?

They tried one and it gained 6 yards. Could see more.

Comment From Andy 

And there have been people who wanted to bench Aaron Rodgers... Any words to describe this performance?

He's the best player on the field today, and it isn't close.

Comment From Dave, UK

I've seen you write that if we get into the playoffs, Rodgers is in the MVP discussion. He must be in it already!

Not if the Packers don't make the playoffs.

Comment From Sean-Luc 

Jordy -- one of the biggest Pro-Bowl snubs of the year?

Lots of receivers put up big numbers, but when the votes are turned in with at least 2 games left, this kind of thing happens. He didn't make it when he had 15 TDs back in 2011, either, partly bc he had 5 TDs in the last two games.

Comment From Scott 

Will Montgomery start lugging the ball more in 2nd half or do we keep throwing it which is our strength?

You go with whatever is working. Score more points. That's all.

Comment From Luke 

What is wrong with our secondary??

I wish I knew. It looks like the corners are either getting beat off the line, or giving too much cushion. They need to play better.

Comment From Tyler 

Where has Nick Perry been?

I've seen him out there for a few plays, but he's not out there much.

Comment From Marin 

I enjoyed seeing AR going for the jugular right after a turnover.

After both turnovers, in good field position, the Packers went deep down the field on the first play. That's classic McCarthy.

Comment From Samuel D. 

Vintage A-Rod?

Pretty much, yeah.

Comment From Vytas 

Will we see Matthews in the 2nd half? Doesn't seem too limited

Looks like a totally different player this week, for sure.

Comment From Santa Clause

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Back at you.

Comment From Dave 

You think maybe they'll start giving a bit more help against Thielen?

He's winning routes down the sideline. If you roll help that way, Rudolph will kill you in the middle. The corners have to hold up better on the outside.

Comment From Santa Claus. 

When did Santa spell his name differently? Clause???

Maybe he's the grammar Santa. It's like a pun.

Comment From jackson 

glad to see the 2 sacks in a row didnt even make Rodgers flinch.

Not at all. This Vikes pass rush is pretty good. The way he spun away from the blitz on that last TD is why blitzing him is so risky.

Comment From Paul 

Even though Jarred Cook has only been targeted a few times he seems to make all the difference in the world when on the field, just seems to open the whole field for Aaron, your thought

The Vikings have to pay attention to him, no doubt.

Comment From Hunter 

The secondary has been bad, but thankfully it's not the story of the game.

That unit is going to get tested here in the second half. If Rodgers keeps it up, Bradford is going to have to keep throwing it.

OK, here comes kickoff. Gotta go. Happy Holidays everybody!

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