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Packers Will Don Throwback Uniforms Against Detroit


Since NFL teams don't like to look beyond the upcoming game, we'll start by looking back.

All the way back to 1967, when Vince Lombardi was head coach of the Green Bay Packers, Bart Starr was the starting quarterback and the stadium now known as Lambeau Field was beginning its second decade of existence.

It's to that year that the current Packers team will pay tribute next Thursday, Nov. 27, when they don throwback uniforms for their Thanksgiving Day match-up with the Detroit Lions at Ford Field.

The Packers haven't worn alternate uniforms since the last time they played on Thanksgiving Day, also against Detroit, back in 2001.

But unlike that year, when the Packers flashed back to 1939 and wore plain gold helmets, stripeless white jerseys, brownish-gold pants, white socks and black shoes, this season's 'classic' attire won't look much different than the Packers' modern day uniforms.

(In truth, Packers uniforms have gone largely unchanged since 1959, Lombardi's first year as head coach, other than the birth of the team's one and only helmet logo -- the now famous 'G' -- which was added in 1961.)

The only major differences are in the striping.

Whereas the sleeves of the Packers' current jerseys have two broad green stripes intersected by two thin white stripes and one gold stripe, the throwback jerseys have three broad green stripes, separated by two broad gold stripes.

Similarly, the striping on the neck of the throwback jerseys doesn't include the thin white stripes that appear on the Packers' modern uniforms.

And while the 2003 Packers wear white shoes and stockings that are white around the ankle but green up the calf, against the Lions players will wear black shoes with green socks adorned with white and gold stripes.

The pants will be similar, although lace-up instead of zip-up, with thinner stripes up the side and a more muted gold as the base color.

The helmets are exactly the same except for a gray facemask replacing the normal green.

Packers players won't be the only ones wearing retro threads. The coaching staff and other Packers sideline personnel will be decked out in classic attire, too, which can be seen and purchased at

Even the game balls will be treated for the occasion. Marked on one side with a special Thanksgiving Classics logo, an opposite section of the pigskin includes the words 'The Duke' -- the boyhood nickname of New York Giants President Wellington Mara -- which was branded on Wilson footballs from the 1930s through 1969. (The Duke football also is available at

The Lions will wear uniforms in the style of their 1934 team, which went 10-3.

Overall, the Packers are 3-2 in throwback jerseys.

In 2001, the Packers defeated the Lions 29-27. In 1994, wearing 1937 vintage attire for four games as the NFL celebrated its 75th anniversary, the Packers defeated the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (30-3) and Chicago Bears (33-6), while losing to the Philadelphia Eagles (13-7) and New England Patriots (17-16).

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