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Pettine: 'There's not much margin for error'

Key comments from the Packers' coordinators


GREEN BAY -- The Packers' three coordinators met with the media on Thursday in advance of the NFC Championship game in San Francisco.

Here's a summary of their key comments:

Special teams coordinator Shawn Mennenga

(on the challenges with 49ers)

Their team speed is apparent on every position across the board. We have to match up, put yourself in good angles. I think we've progressed. I feel good about our speed. I feel we match up.

(on Ervin and his decision to let the late punt bounce for a touchback vs. Seattle)

He's definitely been a welcome addition. I liked him coming out of San Jose and I knew he was a good returner. I always respect him as a player. Getting to know him, he's a great guy and he's really done a great job for us. I'm glad he's here.

That was a smart, heady play. He's got experience and has played in playoff games. As a veteran he needs to do those things. Seeing that path of the ball, if it's going to go in we want to let it go in.

(on Scott and how he pulled out of his slump from the last San Francisco game)

We just kept working repetitions. We tried to analyze the things that maybe were giving him problems and concentrate on them on a daily basis. Just pick one thing out maybe we thought he needed to change, and when he's comfortable with that to move on. Just his diligence repping it.

Defensive coordinator Mike Pettine

(on San Francisco's play-action game)

They're really good at it. That's a commitment that offensive system. If you don't feel comfortable just doing dropback passing on early downs, there are a bunch of offenses that have gone primarily to play-pass, and the Niners are one of the best at marrying up their runs to their play-passes. Other teams will fake a run that doesn't exist. They do a really good job each week, these are the runs, and these are the passes off of it. They do a good job fooling your eyes.

(on the players' leadership)

I've heard the quote before, bad teams have no leaders, the OK teams coaches lead, and the teams that have a chance to be really, really good is where the players have ownership. They have a really good sense of what it's supposed to look like. They understand what the standards are. But as far as the other things, attention to detail, effort, finishing, when a player can get on another player about it before a coach gets to him, that's when you know you're headed in the right direction.

(on learning from the first matchup)

Every game is different. We're not behind on the scoreboard going in. If you go in with that mentality, you're in trouble. We're going to go in confident, and we'll take that game and use it to our benefit. It certainly showed us we have to play at a very high level to beat that team. They showed why they're the No. 1 seed. There's not much margin for error, but it can be done.

We know we have to play better. We know it's a tough environment. We're not going to be surprised by the environment. We've played there. We know we have to play our best game.

(on being so close to a Super Bowl again)

It's been a while since I've been one game away, but I've never taken that next step. Hopefully our guys understand this moment doesn't come around very often. We're all at different stages of our career. I know the veterans have been preaching to the young guys, this doesn't happen every year. Let's leave no stone unturned and let's not waste it.

Offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett

(on San Francisco's defense)

It's a very unique defense. It started in Seattle and started spreading out across the league. Because it's so unique and has some intricacies about it, you understand where to attack certain areas. But they know their weaknesses, too. They have their rules and principles of it.

(on the first matchup)

I'm trying to block that game out. A long time ago. It just starts with ourselves and not hurting ourselves. If we can do our job, take care of our business and not have minus plays or mental errors, that's going to be huge. We talk about hearing the call, knowing the call and doing your job. As long as we do that, we'll have a chance.

Since that game, the players have locked it in and the mental errors are way down. They've been able to play fast, and that's the key, playing fast.

(on being an underdog in a big game, like with the Jaguars)

We block out the noise. It's just about what we do and what we want to accomplish. The guys have put their heads down and gotten to work. It's about us executing and doing a good job. It's always fun to be an underdog. You go in there, go to work, and see what happens.

(on Adams)

You always want a player that's striving for more. When a player goes through adversity, that makes them hungry, makes them coachable, and they want to be great. Davante is one of those guys.

(on the line being better with Bulaga)

I think so. I think Bryan's had a very good football season up to this point and we just have to keep that going. Great job by Jared going in there, getting after it and giving us a chance to win. Bryan's been there. Just that presence is something that you want.

The Green Bay Packers practiced inside the Don Hutson Center to prepare for Sunday's matchup in Santa Clara.

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