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Players, Coaches Weigh In To Fight Hunger


Several Green Bay Packers players and coaches took part in the 2003 Campbell's Chunky/NFL Tackling Hunger program at Lambeau Field, Sunday.

Kevin Barry, Cletidus Hunt, Terdell Sands, Mark Tauscher and Rod Walker plus coaches Jethro Franklin, Bob Slowik and Lionel Washington each weighed in to benefit food banks nationwide.

In what is an annual event, Campbell's Chunky soup will donate 10 times the participants' combined weight in cans of Chunky Soup, which in this case will generate over 16,000 pounds of food for needy families.

"With so many people in need right here in Green Bay, we're proud to help in any way we can," Tauscher said. "It means a lot to team with Campbell's Chunky soup on a program that will touch the lives of needy people across the country and here at home."

Since 1997, Campbell's and the NFL have been working together to tackle hunger, resulting in more than 32 million pounds of food being donated to food banks across the country. Last season alone, Campbell's donated more than 6 million cans and hopes to surpass that total this year.

For more information on Campbell's Chunky/NFL Tackling Hunger 2003 program and to find a local food bank in your community, visit

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