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Plenty of reasons to give thanks

Run the ball, don't fumble


GREEN BAY – I will give thanks for:

  • The opportunity to witness and help chronicle an event that will live in immortality.
  • Another night of entertainment, provided by fearless men and the fans that cheer them.
  • Bad weather. I like to watch it from the comfort of the press box.
  • My memory. At the end of the day, as Mike McCarthy is fond of saying, it's my most valued possession.
  • "Ask Vic" and They define me.
  • My family, for waiting for me.
  • Football. I can't imagine my life without it.
  • Postgame press conferences. They write my stories.
  • My December friend. He's only betrayed me a few times. He hasn't betrayed me since I came to Green Bay.
  • January. I'm already excited for it.
  • My friends. They're scattered throughout the country. Football introduced us.
  • The turkey in the press box on Thursday night. It won't be a Norman Rockwell scene, but it's my scene and I wouldn't have it any other way.
  • The Packers. For an experience I would've otherwise never known.
  • The Jaguars. For the chance to grow.
  • The Steelers. For my start.
  • Coaches McCarthy, Del Rio, Coughlin, Cowher and Noll. Each one taught me something new.
  • Joe Greene. He taught me about human confrontation.
  • Aaron Rodgers' social conscience. I like writing about good people.
  • This editorial and the opportunity it affords me to express what's in my heart.
  • The glass in the press box. Through it, I see everything.

Here are 10 things the Packers have to do to beat the Bears.

1. Run the ball – Because it's run-the-ball weather.

2. Secure the ball – It's big in any game, but it's especially important in bad weather.

3. Get a body on Bennett – Tight end Martellus Bennett is the Bears' leading receiver. He's especially good in the red zone.

4. Stack success – This is the time of the season for doing it.

5. Define the event – History will prominently record Thursday's event. The outcome of the game will define it.

6. Block McPhee – Linebacker Pernell McPhee is the Bears' top pass rusher.

7. Play for the past, too – With a win, the Packers will even the all-time series.

8. Catch the ball – The quarterback needs to know he can depend on his receivers.

9. Bid farewell to November – It began with three straight defeats. Make it end with consecutive wins.

10. Unleash the hounds – Six sacks against the Vikings likely have Jay Cutler's attention.

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