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Positions to watch during training camp

Is it a joke if nobody gets it?


Joseph from El Paso, TX

What era do you think will be next?

We are in the player safety era, and will likely remain in that era for a long time.

Jerry from Kent, WA

What do you think of the NFC North competition this year?

The Vikings and Lions are in year two of buying into a new coach's program, and the Bears are in year one of the same. I was impressed by what Mike Zimmer was able to accomplish in the second half of last season. It says something when a team out of realistic playoff contention plays its best football late in the season. It says the coach has his players' respect and attention. The Lions have a lot of pieces in place on offense; defense will define their season. Nobody knows what to expect from the Bears. That's the particular challenge for the Packers in their season opener at Chicago.

Michael from West Allis, WI

What will be the biggest position battles to watch when training camp starts?

Cornerback and inside linebacker are the obvious choices. Nose tackle is another position of interest, and so are tight end, fullback, backup quarterback and No. 4 wide receiver on offense.

Michael from Toronto, WI

Vic, before the 1978 rules changes, what was considered to be pass interference?

Pass interference was defined by contact initiated by the defender when the ball was in the air. Until the ball was in the air, contact was permitted.

Bill from Miami, FL

This Packers team just feels like it has all the pieces for a special season. They are deep, young and experienced. I just cannot believe the Seahawks can recover from the Super Bowl loss. What are your thoughts?

The Packers have all the pieces to have a special season, and the Seahawks will recover from their Super Bowl loss for the same reason the Packers will recover from their NFC title game loss to the Seahawks: Pete Carroll is a good coach, too.

Tom from Riverside, CA

Why does the NFL even bother with a supplemental draft? Why not extend the main draft by 2-3 rounds?

The purpose of the supplemental draft is to provide entry to the NFL for players that weren't eligible for the regular draft but have since become eligible. A player suspended for what would've been his final year of college football eligibility would be an example of a supplemental draft player.

Rob from Webb City, MO

Vic, according to Mike Spofford, Davante Adams looked very impressive yesterday. Do you think there's any chance we could have three wide receivers with 1,000 yards receiving at the end of the year?

I hope not because it would likely mean the Packers weren't running the ball very well and weren't getting much contribution from tight end and growth from other wide receivers. I want to see balance.

Alex from New Haven, CT

Vic, how big do you think special teams were in the minds of the Packers during their draft this year?

There's an obvious commitment to improving special teams. I think we saw evidence of that commitment during the draft.

Chris from Austin, TX

Vic, are you still part of the culture that needs changing?

I am and I am slowly gaining an appreciation for the need for the game to change. If it doesn't become safer to play, the game will dry up at the amateur level.

Alan from Fresno, CA

"What was your favorite band from the 1970s? Ohio State." I love that answer. Being from the West Coast, mine was Stanford.

It was a take-off on a Beano Cook story, but nobody seems to have gotten the joke.

Blair from Los Angeles, CA

Vic, when you have to explain a joke to the idiots on here, it devalues your joke.

They're not idiots.

Stephen from Cedar Falls, IA

Vic, are you excited at the potential this team has? I think if this team gets going early we could see something special.

Especially if they keep it going late. I think this team has it all.

Mike from Fort Wayne, IN

Vic, mustard or ketchup on a stadium hot dog?

Ketchup on a hotdog is obscene.

Doug from Miami, FL

Given your love of traditional uniforms, what do you think of the Jags' new helmets? I think they're hideous.

The Jaguars' original uniform was one of the best in the league. If they had continued to wear it, it would now be one of the league's best traditional uniforms.

Al from Green Bay, WI

When I think of violent football, the picture in my mind immediately goes to Chuck Cecil. He was clearly too violent for today's game. Was he also too violent for his era?

He was an ambush hitter. There is no place in today's game for ambush hitters.

George from Manassas, VA

Vic, as a daily reader, I think your subtle humor is the best in the business, especially when you set it up over time as you did again last week. I see some don't get it; some are even offended. When did we become so sensitive, or do you think this has become a manufactured response?

It was 1996.

Jordan from Germantown, WI

Before free agency started, I was interested in how Brandon Spikes might fit the Packers' defense. Then I figured Ted thought he could find better value in the draft. Was there ever a connection between Spikes and the Packers?

It's official. Spikes is this year's winner of the "I can't get you out of my head" free-agent award.

Travis from Danbury, WI

My bold prediction is the offense will be historically great. Every starter on that side of the ball has an arrow that is pointing up.

I like the way you framed your opinion.

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