Quotes on Brett Favre's election to the Pro Football Hall Of Fame


"We were very fortunate to have someone like Brett Favre come along, and it was a controversial move when Ron Wolf sent a first-round draft choice to Atlanta for a third-string quarterback. But it turned out to be the best trade in Packers history and maybe one of the top trades in the history of the National Football League. What I am most thankful for is Brett gave us 16 wonderful years of exciting, winning football, and of all the records he set, I think the most amazing was the 253 consecutive starts at quarterback. He was playing the most difficult position in the toughest sport and every Sunday he was ready to give everything he had for this franchise. That turned out to be two trips to the Super Bowl and three MVPs, and it was really a remarkable career. When you look back the problems we had in Green Bay in the 1970s and 1980s, you have to thank him because it was Brett Favre, Reggie White, Ron Wolf and Mike Holmgren that formed the foundation to bring this franchise back to elite status."

-Packers Chairman Emeritus Bob Harlan

"When I traded for Brett Favre I thought he would be sensational. He became incomparable. They say that old Yankee Stadium was the house that Ruth built. Well, the Lambeau Field reconstruction is the house that Favre built."

-Former Packers Vice President and General Manager Ron Wolf (1991-2001)

"Congratulations to Brett on his selection into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. He is a once in a generation type of player. He was also a great teammate and his contributions and impact on Green Bay and the NFL are remarkable. This is a well-deserved honor and a great day for football."

-Packers EVP, General Manager and Director of Football Operations Ted Thompson

"Selection into the Pro Football Hall of Fame is another incredible and well-deserved honor for Brett. He belongs among the greatest players in the history of the game. It was a privilege to work with Brett during his spectacular career with the Green Bay Packers. Congratulations Brett, Deanna and the Favre family."

- Packers Head Coach Mike McCarthy

"Brett Favre was unique in many ways. First and foremost, he made those around him better. Players played at a higher level with him on the field. Second, he was at his best when things around him were at their worst. Injured, adversity, back against the wall, death of his Dad...he always found a way not just to play...but to play well. Third, he was the true Gunslinger. He never let a bad play interfere with the next play. He was always ready for the next play...to win that play with complete confidence."

"He was a pleasure to coach and be around. He gave fans, players, and coaches a true feeling of hope."

"You always felt you had a chance when he was out there on the field; which was always."

"He was never one to say a lot in the locker room before or after the game. He was at his best, however, and felt most comfortable talking to the players while in the huddle on the field. He did his best talking in the huddle- and it wasn't always about the game! He kept them loose when they needed to be loose and he challenged them when that was what they needed. He was at home - very comfortable- in the huddle."

"Media people would ask me after a game if I was shocked or impressed by some 'once in a lifetime' throw they saw him make during the game. I'd usually have to tell them 'No I've seen him make that throw in practice before.' I know he made things look easy- but he practiced hard. He practiced like he played."

"He was at his best coming off an injury. I don't think we ever lost when he came off an injury!"

"I know Brett loved running out of the tunnel onto Lambeau Field on game day. The fans were always special to him and that will always be the same."

- Former Packers Head Coach Mike Sherman

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