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Rare Bricks from Birthplace Home of Curly Lambeau Will Make the Perfect Holiday Gift


Get this special holiday gift by donating to Nicolet Elementary School

Packers fans have a unique opportunity this holiday season to purchase original bricks from the Birthplace home of Packers founder, player and coach, Earl "Curly" Lambeau. After the discovery of his home last spring, a group of local investors started to renovate the exterior of the house at 615 North Irwin Street in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Part of the renovation included replacing 104 bricks that were starting to wear.

"Owning a piece of Packers' and Curly Lambeau's history is rare," stated Rudy Hanamann, investor in the Birthplace of Curly Lambeau. "We are excited to be able to save some of the bricks from this legendary home. These bricks would make the perfect gift for Packers fans young and old. The best part of this gift idea is that proceeds from this sale will go toward helping out the Elementary School across the street from Curly's birthplace home."

With a tax deductible donation of $2,000 to the Friends of Nicolet School, a non-profit organization that supports Nicolet Elementary School, an original brick from 615 North Irwin Street will be given to the donor. Each brick will be numbered and will arrive with a certificate of authenticity. A registry of who purchases each brick will be kept at Curly's birthplace home. In addition, a plaque will acknowledge the individuals and entities that are the original owners of the bricks. A restrictive covenant is being placed upon the property so that no other bricks can ever be sold from the birthplace home of Curly Lambeau.

"During the holiday season, everyone wants to give the perfect gift," Hanamann explained. "This gift not only is perfect for the donor and receiver of the brick, it's special to Nicolet School. You can say we're using the past to help build the future."

To make your donation to the Friends of Nicolet School and receive your rare brick, please e-mail your request to Please include your name and phone number.

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