Receivers' blocking is 'definitely a mentality'

Highlights from Packers' coordinators and offensive assistant coaches


Key comments from the Packers' coordinators and offensive assistant coaches

Special teams coordinator Ron Zook

On the FG operation:

It's a continuing work on timing and getting it down. We just have to keep working to get back where we need to be. That's what we've worked on all week is timing.

On Minnesota's special teams:

The punt returner (Marcus) Sherels took two back last year. He can go the distance in a heartbeat. The kickoff return, even though they don't have the big guy (Cordarelle Patterson) back there anymore, they're bringing it out. You almost have to kick it out of the end zone.

Defensive coordinator Dom Capers

On Burnett's potential absence:

It puts a hat on some other people. Ha's been the backup headset guy, Blake's the next guy. We've been working Ha this week and he's done a good job. He's certainly up to stepping up and taking responsibility.

You hate to ever have one of your key cogs not in there, but we've gone through a lot of different combinations here the first five weeks. Guys have to step up and they have to perform. I think in the long run it makes you better, because guys gain experience.

On stopping big plays:

I think we're doing a better job. The last three games we've done a better job of not giving up the big play. In this league, to score points, you have to pick up yardage in chunks, and if you don't want people to score many points, you have to make them go the hard way.

Offensive coordinator Edgar Bennett

On overcoming injuries despite missing starting tackles:

We continue to find ways to win. No matter who lines up out there, we're going to find a way to win. They give it everything they have and the result has been putting us in a position to win games.

On Ty Montgomery getting used to a flak jacket:

You do. That cushion, it's a little different. You have to make sure you're fundamentally sound as far as the actual feel of it. I think he understands that and at some point we've all had to wear that extra padding to make sure we're secure in that area.

Quarterbacks coach Alex Van Pelt

On Rodgers on final drive in Dallas:

That's what the great ones are supposed to do. He's rebounded. Had a couple rough throws in his mind earlier in the season, but now he's back on track.

We got a lot of what we expected (from the Dallas defense), so we were ready. Aaron was well-prepared, and it showed. Some tremendous play calls. I thought it was a great drive.

On the two shots to Adams for the win:

I love players communicating like that. I loved that Davante wanted the ball, and that Aaron went right back to him. You don't think of the plays, you think of the players. It held true.

On Minnesota's blitz packages:

Coach Zimmer does a great job of bringing all different combinations of eight men. We've seen it for so many years now, we feel we have the tools we need to be successful against it.

Wide receivers coach Luke Getsy

On the receivers' blocking:

That was one of our focuses in the offseason, that we wanted to take another step there. It's something we've practiced a lot of. It's definitely a mentality. They've bought into it and know the importance of it.

On Adams' game in Dallas:

He did a great job of coming back that week, and he felt good pretty early in the process. He kept knocking out all the stages of the protocol. As smooth as it was going for him, I knew he was ready to play.

On Minnesota's cornerbacks:

They're a good group. The division rivalry part, that you've played them so many times goes into that, too. They're very familiar with us, we're very familiar with them.

Running backs coach Ben Sirmans

Was Aaron Jones nervous in Dallas?

Not at all. He was basically, I guess you could say in a lot of ways, coming home. He had a lot of people coming to the game. He was in a good spot. I told the guys just have fun, play it like you're playing a college football game. Just go out there and play football.

The way to have success in this league is you have to be decisive, get upfield and run with great pad level. We felt if we put a hat on a hat, there would be some creases to hit, but you have to put yourself in position to take advantage of them, and that's what he did.

How about his vision on the 22-yard run?

That's the cut that we would hope would happen, if they would overplay or flow across. The play is designed to make that same cut but to make it to the front side of the center. It's rare it gets cut all the way back, but if the defense is going to run like that, you have to have the peripherals to see it. He's a good, instinctive runner.

Is his ability to cut without slowing down rare?

I don't want to say it's a rare trait, but it's very beneficial. I've been around those guys who don't have to slow down. To me in this league, even in college, it is a great trait to have, because the holes open and close so much faster at this level, if you can keep that same speed to get through the hole before the defense converges, it's definitely beneficial and that's what helped him in that last game.

Can Montgomery play effectively?

Based on what we've seen in practice, I think he can. But that's without taking any hits to make that call. The trainers say you can take a hammer and bang away at (the flak jacket), and it will absorb it.

Tight ends coach Brian Angelichio

On Martellus Bennett's 33-yard catch in Dallas:

No. 1, it was important for our team. It was a big play that got us going in the second half. Anytime you can have an extended plays, which Aaron is so good at, and be able to go up and get the ball is a confidence-builder for Marty and Aaron. You've seen Jordy, Davante and Randall do. It's nice to see another component who can go up and get the ball. Certainly, you can hope to build on that.

Offensive line coach James Campen

On how the offensive line has weathered injuries:

The character in that room is just building up every time something happens. Someone mentioned to me I think it was maybe the fifth different lineup and it didn't even hit me. Certainly, those guys have taken great care of each other in the room, on the field, they help each other. It doesn't surprise me they're doing things the right way. It's not always perfect, but certainly winning the ball game is the most important thing. I thought they handled it well.

On Lane Taylor's play at left tackle:

You never know until you get a game. I'd be lying to say I would know that. The thing about it is when you go through practice and you see him kick-stepping and doing all those things, and vertical setting. He's been in this offense for a long time, so he knows a lot of how things are set. He can hear things. It was very easy to get him fundamentally as quick as we could to be able to accomplish those things.

On how David Bakhtiari is handling missed games:

He's semi-miserable to be with right now, but we love him. David is very competitive, not only internally for his own personal pride, but David does not like to put the extra stress on his teammates. I think that came from his upbringing and his father – don't put other stuff on other people. He gets frustrated, but he's looking better.

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