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Sam Shields knows how to dress, too

Sometimes the other guy wins


Michael from Elk Grove Village, IL

Vic, after watching the game on Sunday, I couldn't help but notice the explosiveness James Starks showed throughout the game. Once he found the hole, he ran through it with a vengeance. I consider James Starks to be the lightning to Lacy's thunder, but it doesn't appear that way right now. Is there something restricting Lacy from getting the chunk-yardage plays we fans are so accustomed to, or is there a different running scheme for each running back?

We're forgetting about his ankle injury. No team is going to provide a detailed medical report; to do that would be to provide a scouting report to the opponent. So, the players are at a disadvantage when it comes to fan perception of their injury. Tramon Williams is a classic example. None of us knew how bad his shoulder injury was. If we had known, we would've been more understanding of his struggles and more appreciative of his courage. Lacy deserves our understanding. He changed this team's personality when he joined it in 2013. He's the hammer defenses fear. He's the guy who opens the field for the passing game. Let's give him time to heal.

Jared from Manassas, VA

Was it a designed play for Clay Matthews to cover Ladarius Green on that touchdown drive?

What's wrong with that matchup? Your best coverage linebacker covering the opponent's No. 2 tight end is a favorable matchup for the defense. Sometimes the other guy wins.

Ross from Stephenson, MI

I use my "Ask Vic" thing every day. I have a lot of keys. If people knew how much fun "Ask Vic Day" is, you would have to hold it outside, in the bowl.

The company that makes "the thing" would love us.

Frank from Tucson, AZ

Your prediction the Packers would have a sack fest against the patched up San Diego line didn't appear to be the case. It looked to me like for the most part they were able to handle pressure, except at crunch time, with their scheme.

Apparently, Mike McCoy shared my opinion. His game plan response was impressive: Get the ball out quickly.

Del from Sterling, IL

Vic, the bye week couldn't have come at a better time. They got their fast start. Now what is the theme moving forward?

Finish. The next game kicks off November. It gets serious then.

Eric from Baltimore, MD

Jeff Janis did a good job on Sunday, but his QB did not give him much praise in the press conference. What am I missing?

Aaron Rodgers is pushing him. He's demanding more. Rodgers knows what he's doing.

Ross from Stephenson, MI

The Michigan loss reminds me of the Packers' loss in Los Angeles to the Rams in 1967. That loss fueled the Packers later on.

That game left an indelible mark on me. Every time I see a game in which a team must block a punt to have any chance of winning, I think of that game in Los Angeles. It was late in the season and I want to say it was on a Saturday. I watched it and I loved it. Sure enough, the Rams blocked the punt they had to block, and then rallied to win the game.

Thomas from Aurora, IN

Vic, I really get annoyed at the use of these throwback uniforms. In my opinion, they are ugly. I think the Packers have the best looking uniforms and colors in the NFL. Why not let them use them instead of the old blue and gold rags?

I think you're too stodgy on this one. We're in a uniform craze. The fans like fashion. The Packers will never do the Oregon or Baylor thing, so a throwback game is a way of creating change without changing the team's trademark look. I like Sunday's throwbacks a lot more than the previous style. Why? Because the bright yellow jumps in the sunshine. Be that as it may, there was something about Sunday's throwbacks that looked a little bland. Then I saw Sam Shields and I realized what it was. Shields' bright yellow shoes are the perfect complement to the Packers' throwbacks. Now there's a man who knows how to accessorize. Sam, give your teammates a fashion lesson. Your yellow shoes brought the whole thing together.

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