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Statement From Head Coach Mike Sherman


"I'm excited about Edgar Bennett becoming our running backs coach. Over the past few years in his role assisting with the backs, he has continually demonstrated the ability to be a successful coach in this league. Each year I gave him additional responsibility in his coaching duties and he performed very well. He's a natural for the position. His attention to detail and relationship with the players will serve him well - they trust him and his knowledge of the game.

"Ray Sherman is an original member of my staff who has served this organization for five years. This is a great opportunity for him to advance in his career. He will be extremely missed by his players and by me. Through his efforts, our receivers were able to grow into a very productive component of our offense. They've become leaders on this team, players who make me very proud.

"We were fortunate to have someone of Johnny Roland's caliber in 2004. He has a wealth of experience, and our offense greatly benefited from his abilities. For the first time since 1962, we had a running back and a fullback receive Pro Bowl honors in the same year - that speaks for itself. We wish him well with the New Orleans Saints.

"We always plan ahead for the possibility of change on our coaching staff. We're well equipped to handle the present needs of our team. We're fortunate in Green Bay to offer a rewarding experience for coaches in this league and I don't anticipate problems in finding men of high character and talent to replace the coaches we've lost."

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