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Style becomes important late in the season

Eddie Lacy's importance is undeniable


Raff from Wallingford, CT

Vic, I'm thankful for this website, which offers diversity and entertainment year round. Do you think the Packers are ready to put the foot on the gas?

Yes, I do, and it's because they played a complete game in Minnesota. They ran the ball, stopped the run, used their passing game to convert third down and make big plays, protected the quarterback, rushed the passer, made their kicks, won time of possession and played their best football at crunch time. I'm not looking for blowout wins and crazy passing stats. I'm looking for a style of play that tells me a team is ready to play playoff football.

Xavier from Issaquah, WA

After the Packers' win on Sunday, it's becoming clear to me the success of the running game directly impacts the success of the entire team. Do you believe a healthy and productive Eddie Lacy is essential for a deep playoff run for the Packers?

Yes, I do. His importance to this team is undeniable.

Mark from Stewartville, MN

Vic, I read that in 1956, George Halas spoke to the people of Green Bay, urging them to publicly fund what is now Lambeau Field. Is Papa Bear at least partially responsible for saving the Packers franchise?

It was just one of many such cooperative efforts between owners and teams. Ralph Wilson helped save the Oakland Raiders. Bert Bell and Art Rooney had a relationship that produced the Steagles and helped save each team in other ways, too. It was common for owners to help each other because in doing so they were helping themselves. What was good for one was good for all. Pete Rozelle coined the term leaguethink, and it's what made this league great. Now, leaguethink is being threatened by Deflategate, and I hope the two sides can make this go away before it becomes more divisive. Football was the college game and baseball was the national pastime. Pro football grew from humble beginnings to become the No. 1 game in America. A unified effort made it that way.

Pat from Edinburg, VA

Why do you think the ref blew his inadvertent whistle on MNF? He thought Brady was going out of bounds and did not want him to get hit. Anybody up for flag football?

I heard he sneezed but didn't want to tell anybody.

Tim from Madison, WI

Who is the best pure athlete you have ever covered?

Rod Woodson.

Gavin from Saint Paul, MN

One of the most memorable moments from last season was when Brandon Meriweather knocked Lacy out of the game with a brutal helmet-to-helmet collision. I thought he should have been ejected. The next series, Starks lowered his head and knocked Meriweather out with his own concussion.

You're the last dinosaur. I was the next-to-last dinosaur.

David from Brooklyn, NY

I believe the common wisdom about the walk-off field goal on third down is in the event of a botched hold or snap, provided the kicking team recovers, there would still be an opportunity to kick again on fourth down.

It's also possible to have a third-down kick blocked, recover the ball and retain possession for a fourth-down kick, provided there's still time on the clock to do it. So, make the third-down try an almost-walk-off field goal attempt.

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