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Super Bowl XXXI Team Reunited at Lambeau


Doug Evans

Members of the Green Bay Packers Super Bowl XXXI team reunited at Lambeau Field on Saturday, Sept. 9. Former players and their families spent the night catching up with teammates and re-living their magical run to New Orleans.

Some players still can't believe it has been ten years since they were crowned world champions.

"This feels like the day after the Super Bowl. It's nice to be around the atmosphere and be around guys you haven't seen in ten years" said former cornerback Doug Evans.

In addition to being honored during pre-game festivities, Evans is looking forward to rallying behind the current members of the Green and Gold for Sunday's season opener.

"Just being here to support those guys is great and we've been around a lot of football so you never know what kind inspiration that we can give to them," said Evans.

Former wide receiver Andre Rison credited growing older as a way of being able to appreciate the significance of winning the Super Bowl.

"When you're young, you don't know the magnitude of events like this but when you come of age and you learn how to respect the game, respect the organization, and respect your teammates that you went to battle with, it's really astonishing," said Rison.

Players will be honored in front of the Packers faithful prior to kickoff on Sunday before the Packers take on the Chicago Bears at Lambeau Field.

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