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Survey seeks input on south end zone


The Green Bay Packers are continuing to seek input from their fans on how they'd like to see Lambeau Field's south end zone expanded.

On Thursday, an online survey was sent out to more than 30,000 season-ticket holders, club-seat holders and individuals on the season-ticket waiting list with details about some of the concepts being considered for the south end zone.

The survey gauges the fans' interest in the ideas and how much they'd be willing to pay for different types of seating and amenity packages.

The various options being explored include bleacher seating, stadium seating and standing-room-only areas. All of the ideas involve outside seating, with some areas underneath a canopy cover and some with access to viewing platforms and lounge areas that include food and beverage packages.

To see some images of the concepts included in the survey, click here.

"These are concepts we're testing and we want to get feedback," said Jason Wied, the Packers' vice president of administration. "What's appealing to people? What amenities are they interested in? The goal is to add additional modern amenities while preserving the historic look and feel of Lambeau Field."

The survey, devised in conjunction with Convention, Sports and Leisure International, is a follow-up to a series of focus groups the Packers hosted last fall during which they solicited input from season-ticket holders on ideas that were worth exploring further.

The entire process is similar to the organization's approach to the 2003 renovation of Lambeau, which also featured focus groups followed by a more detailed survey.

"The survey takes some of what we learned from the focus groups, defines those areas better, and will help us deliver what our fans have come to expect from us," Wied said. He added that the Packers plan to finance the project on their own.

Team officials expect an enthusiastic response to the survey. A projected timeline for the south end zone expansion has not yet been set.

Lambeau Field's new sound system is being installed this year in time for the 2011 season, and a new north entrance gate will be constructed in conjunction with the stadium's new video boards in 2012. The earliest that work on the south end zone would commence would be 2013.

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