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Ted Thompson Press Conference Transcript - Aug. 4

Read the transcript of General Manager Ted Thompson’s press conference Tuesday from the Lambeau Field auditorium. - More Multimedia: Audio | Video | Podcasts

(Why isn't B.J. Raji signed yet?)

If I had the answer to that, he'd probably be signed. I don't know. I think the higher you get in the rounds, certainly the first-round guys, there's a little more complications and a little bit more wondering what the other fellas are going to do. But we're working at it. Russ and Dave talk all the time. Everybody's trying to do the right thing, and we'll get it worked out.

(Are your hands tied because you have to wait until the other guys around him sign?)

Not necessarily. It's just a matter of timing and negotiation.

(When he does get in, do you have to treat him differently and not throw him out there right away and risk injury?)

Well, just like we do with all the players that come in for the start of training camp, we'll do the same testing with B.J. to make sure that he's in shape. But last time we saw him he was in pretty good shape.

(That was a while ago, though, right?)

Relatively speaking, yes.

(Any concerns he might not be where he should be physically?)

Not any moreso than anybody else that's not here. Just because you haven't seen him here.

(Would you characterize yourself as being frustrated?)

It's just part of the business. If you get yourself all worked up over stuff like that, you'll drive yourself crazy.

(Any closer to getting it done this week?)

I wouldn't care to speculate on closeness.

(How complicated has this offseason been with changing defenses and looking at a different type of roster?)

How complicated has it been? I don't think so. There are some things, I think you're a little excited about change sometimes just because you get to kind of see what works and what doesn't and that sort of thing. But we felt like all along, I've said that we felt our personnel was versatile before, and the switch to the 3-4 wouldn't be difficult for our players because we think we feel like we have some talented players.

(Could you explain the deal where the Jets gave back a draft pick?)

As best as I recall, it was during the draft or right before the draft, there were picks tied up on contingencies that were almost impossible. But because they didn't have clear title to those picks, it restricted their flexibility in terms of what they might do during the course of the draft. We got together, and that seventh round was sort of a throw-in to begin with, so we got that back and we freed up some flexibility for them. That happens from time to time, you change the wording on trade papers.

(Is there any way you entertain signing Michael Vick?)

What is the answer that we give to questions like this? We're always looking to improve our team. We look at all options at all times. I wouldn't care to speculate in terms of the odds or the percentages or anything like that.

(So you have looked at it?)

We look at everything. Or not everything. We don't look at stuff from across the ocean or something.

(Have you had any discussions about whether it's worth pursuing him?)

We've had discussions about a large number of things, and we're always talking personnel, different scenarios and things like that.

(It's an unusual situation, though.)

But the routine that we go through is the same. It doesn't mean any more that we are likely to do it or less likely. It's a routine that we go through. It's automatic.

(In your four years, you've been to the playoffs once, had one plus-.500 season, and your overall winning percentage is .484. How would you assess your job performance?)

It doesn't sound very good when you put it that way. Yeah, it's a tough league. Especially last year, we were disappointed in the record last year. We felt like it should have been better and that's my responsibility so we're going to try to do better.

(Why is it so hard to find a quality punter in the NFL? Are they that scarce?)

Punting, there is a lot of moving parts. But there are teams with good punters. Our guys are working at it. We've had some good days and some not so good days, and we'll see how it turns out.

(How do you assess that situation right now? Mike said it's not very good.)

I would defer to the head coach. I would say fluid.

(Are you concerned at all about that area?)

We're working at it. Not any more than I am at all of the other positions.

(At Family Night Saturday, you like to watch from the field. What do you like to see, especially from the rookies in that setting?)

Like we've said before, I kind of like to watch, certainly in that environment, under the lights and a little bit more excitement, how our young guys intermingle among our vets and how natural is it to them. Sometimes they look like the proverbial deer in the headlight thing and sometimes it looks like they were born to do it. I think you just like to see the interplay between and how they react to it. It's nice to watch.

{sportsad300}(You have a sizable corps of 2-to-4-year guys. Is this roster more difficult to crack for undrafted free agents and low picks?)

I would think so. I think our core and our 1 through 53 roster coming out of last year is a stronger group as it was the case in previous years. We have most of our team from last year intact.

(How would you assess Aaron Kampman's transition from defensive end to linebacker?)

I think he has done very well. Like we've said before, he is very much a detail professional football player. His ability to do this, there was never any doubt in my mind. There were a lot of people that talked about Al Harris and Aaron Kampman. Those guys are really good football players and those guys are doing fine.

(What's your impression of the right tackle situation?)

Good. I think we've got pretty good competition there. We use three or four different guys during the course of practices I think, but I like our guys. I like them going in. We haven't seen them play on an extended basis in the NFL yet, but I like them.

(Does Giacomini look like he's all the way back to you?)

He seems to be pretty healthy going out there every day. I haven't asked him specifically how he is feeling, but he looks to be doing fine.

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