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Telephone Numbers For Green Bay Packers To Change July 15


The majority of the Green Bay Packers' telephone numbers will change this Thursday, July 15, John Jones, executive vice president and chief operating officer, announced Tuesday. With the growth in operations following the opening of the Lambeau Field Atrium, the organization had exhausted the available numbers within the existing "496-" exchange and had been forced to use multiple prefixes. All of the organization's operations now will be consolidated under one main prefix.

Below is a listing of the (new) telephone numbers anticipated to be used the most by both fans and corporate clients of the team.

Main Switchboard: 920/569-7500

Ticket Office: 920/569-7501

Packers Pro Shop: 920/569-7510

Packers Hall of Fame: 920/569-7512

Fan Information Hotline: 920/569-7502

Stadium Tours Hotline: 920/569-7513

Administration FAX: 920/569-7301

Ticket Office FAX: 920/569-7101

Community Relations FAX (donation requests): 920/569-7302

Public Relations FAX: 920/569-7201

Packers Pro Shop FAX: 920/569-7151

The Packers' current main switchboard number - 920/496-5700 - will continue to be operational for an undefined period of time, but existing individual extensions no longer will work as of Thursday.

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