Thank You 'Curly' Lambeau

In a dominion where there is no space nor time, in a realm where those who remember history long to repeat it, lies one of America's greatest treasures. A testimony to the dreams of the children of manifest destiny, a component of a culture long since moth balled by progress, but like a rare flower found fertile roots in a small Wisconsin town. The Green Bay Packers are a reminder of a simpler time where the spirit of hard work and inner fortitude were rewarded over the polish and flash of fame. Like the keepers of the soul of football, the Green Bay Packers are revered worldwide, loved by many and respected by even more. It is not hard to believe that in a country where success is built on the bricks of dreams, mortared with perseverance and diligence, that the Packers were born in a conversation between two men on the street.

Earl 'Curly' Lambeau, the father of the Packers, kept the team going through financial troubles, scandal and inclement weather. Dedicating his whole existence to the Packers, Lambeau led the team for 31 seasons and to six NFL Championships. With a winning percentage of .656 as a coach, Lambeau also was a fullback for the Packers for nine years, posting a total of 110 points. If not for Lambeau's undaunting drive, the world would not know Green Bay. So it is important that on this day when the world honors those whose contributions over a century have left an indelible mark, we pay homage to the man and his vision.

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