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The best fans don't sell their tickets to the enemy

Aaron Rodgers will inspire teammates with his courage


Tom from Neenah, WI

My belief is as long as Aaron Rodgers is the Packers quarterback, Coach Mike will never receive the credit he deserves from the national media, certainly not coach of the year. Happy New Year!

Chuck Noll has the most Super Bowls wins for a coach, but he never won coach of the year.

Jesse from Bethlehem, PA

Glad to have you back, Vic! You've often said you don't want choir boys on your team. On that note, Suh and some Browns players have made headlines this weekend. Would GM Ketchman ever sign Suh, Gordon or Manziel?

Joe Greene was Ndamukong Suh 2.0 in Greene's rookie year, but Greene developed into one of the most respected players in football history. All he needed to do was bridle his passion for winning; Suh needs to do the same. I'm OK with that kind of player. I think he can be coached to control his emotions. It's the players with significant lifestyle problems and me-type personalities I'd try to avoid.

Matt from Scott AFB, IL

Vic, I'm glad you're back so soon. What do you think is the most important thing for the Packers to do in order to win another Super Bowl this year? Which unit needs to shine?

The Packers need to play to their identity. They've developed a distinct identity late in the season for playing sound defense, running the ball and protecting their quarterback. The Packers are playing as a well-rounded team, as compared to the team in 2011 that relied almost exclusively on its passing game. If they continue to play as they have in recent weeks, the Packers can beat anyone anywhere.

Joe from Sherman, IL

Vic, back in the day, a conversation might start with did you see Johnny Carson last night. Now it starts with did you read "Ask Vic" this morning. No more scares, OK?

My inbox is full of well wishes from readers that deserve an explanation. I underwent a routine stress test on Monday morning. I won't lie; I had some symptoms. Well, at one o'clock, I met with the doctor to get the results of the test. A few minutes later, I was on my way to the cath lab. Does anybody know what the record is for the most stents in a human heart?

Linda from Redington Beach, FL

Do you think we can succeed against our playoff opponent with Aaron on one leg? I think his performance against the Lions was heroic, but is it too much to ask him to continue with his injury?

There's no holding him back, as evidenced by his performance on Sunday. Aaron Rodgers is a courageous quarterback. How many times have I written that I believe his courage to be his greatest talent? He'll find a way. In the process, I believe his courage will inspire his teammates to play at their highest level.

Dan from Milwaukee, WI

What makes Packers fans different from other teams' fans?

Packers fans, in my opinion, are the most loyal fans in football. Their support never wavers. Having said that, I want to see that loyalty expressed on Jan. 11, when the Packers host a divisional-round playoff game. No selling tickets to the enemy; that's how you express it. The best fans in the league don't sell their tickets to fans of the other team. It was a little embarrassing in the 2011 playoffs; there were a lot of Giants jerseys in that crowd. The Cowboys have a big fan base. If the Cowboys are the opponent on Jan. 11, Packers fans will be at the test.

Sean from Baltimore, MD

The Packers have been to the playoffs 17 times in the past 22 seasons. That's outstanding, but they've only won two championships in 17 tries. Which statistic is more important in your mind?

The 17 tries is the more important stat. Making it into the playoffs is the goal. Once you make it into the playoffs, winning the Super Bowl becomes the goal. You can't win the Super Bowl if you don't make it into the playoffs.

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