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The fans sound off on hot topics

No fooling on this April 1st


1. Did Mike McCarthy make the right decision in relinquishing the play-calling duties?

Allen from Birmingham, AL

Of course he made the right decision. Anything that frees him to coach more is good for the team, and I think we'll see fewer time-management problems with unnecessary timeouts. And that's that.

Andrew from Cambridge, IA

Mike McCarthy relinquishing the play-calling duties was 100 percent the correct decision. Last year, it seemed Aaron Rodgers was calling a fair amount of plays anyways. With the struggles the team had on special teams, and at times defensively, I think McCarthy will be able to put his footprint on more than just one area of the team.

Zack from Boca Raton, FL

No! I was angry about Coach McCarthy's decisions on the goal line early in the game, but you can't measure his tenure as play-caller as anything but wildly successful. Why change that?

Jim from Hinsdale, IL

Yes, he did right giving up play-calling. He needs to let go to win big. NE, SF, all the multiple Super Bowl winners, the head coach runs the ship, not the rudder.

Taylor from Amarillo, TX

No, I don't think it was the right decision. I think the best thing going for the Packers is continuity, especially between McCarthy and Rodgers. I know McCarthy's influence will still be there, but I would like to continue building on the continuity that has already been established.

Jake from Muncie, IN

I really don't care as long as Aaron Rodgers doesn't relinquish the ball-throwing duties.

2. Following the NFC title game in Seattle, did you: A. Cry? B. Say a bad word? C. Turn off the TV and go to bed? D. Blame the play-calling? E. Blame the playing? F. Blame Lance Easley?

Mike from Mason City, IA

After the NFC title game, I said several bad words, turned off the TV, blamed the playing and the play-calling, then went to bed. It was exactly the same feeling I had, as a Cubs fan, after the Bartman game in 2003. Disbelief more than anything. I was mad, but didn't know who to be mad at. I'm pretty sure I scared the dog a little bit that day.

Daniel from Miami, FL

All of the above.

Caitlin from Roberts, WI

Following the loss to Seattle, I got down on the floor and gave my six-month-old daughter a hug. As much as it sucked and as sad as I was, there are absolutely more important things and I wasn't going to let it ruin my night or anything else. We played the rest of the night.

Joel from Princeton, NJ

After the NFC championship, I didn't say a word for three hours, and although I know there were several key plays that could have changed the outcome, I still blame Bostick. But no hard feelings; I still wish him the best.

Fred from Appleton, WI

Blame the playing.

Glen from New York, NY

I blame the play-calling. With under five minutes left, the fourth interception by Burnett did not guarantee the win. You must believe in the philosophy that as long as you have and control the ball, making first downs, you prevent the other team from scoring and use up the clock. Rodgers should have play-actioned when he clearly saw the Seahawks defense come in to stop the run. Henceforth, the Packers turned over the ball with two runs and a short pass that enabled the Seahawks to gain control after only a minute of time on the clock was lost.

Emily from Reading, PA

Unfortunately, I was at a championship party where the hosting family was Seahawks fans. Throughout the whole game, I was verbally consoling them while internally celebrating. That is until the final few minutes. My father, neutrally unsided for this game, made the comment that Wilson could come back and win the game. So after the game, I hit my father. I didn't talk to him for the rest of the night.

3. The Packers should draft: A. Inside linebacker? B. Cornerback? C. Defensive lineman? D. Tight end? E. Website editor/columnist?

Jim from Duluth, MN

Draft a cornerback. In today's passing environment, a solid corner is much more valuable. Look at the free agent market to see what teams pay for a solid corner.

Michele from Fredericksburg, VA

Inside linebacker should be drafted.

Tristan from Washington, DC

Draft best available player at that pick or trade back for additional value. The vast majority of TT's best picks have been staying put or trading back. Examples include Aaron Rodgers, Jordy Nelson, Ha Ha Clinton-Dix, Eddie Lacy, the starting offensive line, and the list goes on. I can think of only Clay Matthews as a success in trading up. Please, correct me if I'm wrong.

Mark from Temecula, CA

Definitely ILB. The UCLA kid will look great in green and gold.

Santiago from Rome, Italy

Why draft a website editor if they don't count against the cap? The Packers should target one in free agency.

Joe from Bloomington, IN

The Packers should draft an inside linebacker. Why? Bobby Wagner. Even with the best secondary in the NFL, Seattle was a .500 team while he was injured last year.

4. Packers fans: A. Are the best? B. Are the worst? C. Are overrated? D. Have the longest arms? E. Don't make enough noise?

Luke from Milwaukee, WI

Absolutely the best. Who else looks forward to sitting in sub-zero temperatures?

Zach from Le Claire, IA

Don't make enough noise.

Andrew from Arlington, VA

Don't make enough noise. I love the Packers, have been a fan all my life, however, whenever I go to Lambeau, I am disappointed by the lack of enthusiasm while the Packers are on defense. Put it this way, no other playoff team has to ask their fans to get loud (Get Loud Lambeau).

Scott from Fitchburg, WI

Overrated. In 2008, Packers fans booed Aaron Rodgers at a Family Night scrimmage and hung Ted Thompson in effigy.

5. Free agency is a trap for fools: A. Agree? B. Disagree?

Connor from Islip, NY

Free agency is a trap for fools. It's not a coincidence the teams that made the biggest splashes had bad records last year.

Ryan from Highland, IN

It's only a trap if used irresponsibly.

Pete from Elgin, IL

I disagree with the question about free agency being a trap for fools. It is just another tool for a GM to use to build a championship-caliber team. And like the draft, it should be used wisely.

Brett from Marietta, GA

The fools who are caught in the trap of free agency are the ones who forget the late New York Giants GM George Young's insight on the topic: "No player ever plays better because you paid him more money." If you remember that, and can pay the rent, I say go get 'em.

6. Will the Packers win the NFC North in 2015?

Scott from Delafield, WI

That would be my expectation.

Matt from Pontiac, MI

Yes, the Packers will win the NFC North comfortably; in fact, with the re-signings of B.J. Raji, Letroy Guion, Randall Cobb and Bryan Bulaga, along with the disappointment of the conference championship game last year, this team is hungry enough and good enough to go all the way in 2015.

Zach from North Fond du Lac, WI

I do believe the Packers will repeat as NFC North champions, but we may see an emergence of a Vikings team that's been in a rebuilding mode for so long. Look for them to have a good season and make a run for the playoffs. As far as the Lions go, their offense will have to do most of the heavy lifting this season with disassembling that defensive line from last year. And for the Bears, well, we all know about da Bears.

Paul from Whitefish, MT

Yes, as long as Mr. Rodgers stays healthy. The other teams aren't quite strong enough, yet, to overcome the quarterback advantage Aaron Rodgers has over the others in the division.

7. The Packers' leading receiver in 2015 will be: A. Jordy Nelson? B. Randall Cobb? C. Davante Adams? D. Jeff Janis?

Christian from Basel, Switzerland

E. Wes Welker.

John from Minnetonka, MN

Jordy Nelson.

Geordie from Brantford, Ontario

The Packers' leading receiver this year will be Nelson for yards, Cobb for number of receptions and Adams for touchdown receptions.

Dan from Ottawa, Ontario

The Packers' leading receiver in 2015 is Davante Adams. As a second-year player, he is poised to make a big jump and, with defenses needing to stop both Nelson and Cobb, Adams should draw more single coverage. Rodgers wasn't afraid to throw to him last year, so you know he'll throw it this year.

8. Should Clay Matthews remain at inside linebacker?

Josh from Winnebago, IL

At the beginning of the season, I see him playing a mix of inside linebacker and outside rush backer to help solidify the overall defense early on in the year. As the young guys get some more game experience and comfortable in their new starting role, Clay will be (almost) exclusively a rush backer during the later stages of the season. Either way, it will be interesting to see what happens with this defense and all of the talent they have in 2015.

Jeff from La Crosse, WI

I say no. While Clay is a special talent and can line up either inside or outside, I feel his talents are maximized when playing on the outside. My ideal draft scenario has us moving back into the early second round to pick up Eric Kendricks. Pair him up with Barrington in the middle and we should be just fine. Also, let's not forget about Carl Bradford. It seems to me he will be moved back to his more natural spot on the inside. Bradford is a guy I am going to watch very closely this summer. I think Clay can be there as a fail safe, if things don't work out the way it was planned, however, I would expect to see Clay primarily playing OLB all season.

Dan from New York, NY

Clay Matthews should not remain in the middle. He is a great pass rusher and his skills at that position are hard to come by in the draft.

9. If the Wisconsin Badgers win the NCAA basketball championship, should Aaron Rodgers agree to do an interview?

Mike from Mesa, AZ

Yes, and marry Olivia Munn at center court.

Brad from Woodruff, WI

Absolutely not. Rodgers may be "The Man" for the Packers, but not for the Badgers. If the Badgers win it all, then those young men deserve the time in the spotlight they earned.

Tony from Burbank, CA

Aaron Rodgers should agree to an interview with Bucky Badger.

Kyle from Chelsea, MI

No, Olivia Munn should.

Scott from Fitchburg, WI

Aaron Rodgers is too classy to agree to an interview at any stage of the NCAA tourney. He gets it. The entire focus should be on these exceptional student athletes who have earned their one shining moment.

10. What do you dislike most about Vic: A. He's a Steelers fan? B. He's mean to people? C. He doesn't pronounce Green Bay the right way? D. He's a know-it-all? E. He tells me what he thinks instead of what I think?

Gary from Austin, MN

People who think they know it all are annoying to fans that do know it all.

Johnny from East Palatka, FL

I dislike Vic because he's a mean, know-it-all, Steelers fan who doesn't pronounce Green Bay properly. Now, shouldn't we trade our entire draft class for Adrian Peterson?

Mike from Downers Grove, IL

E, but that is what I also like best about Vic.

Burnell from Kewanee, IL

You're still a Steelers fan? That's April Fools, too, right?

Jeremy from Muscatine, IA

What I dislike the most is that I have never had a question answered.

Philip from Oklahoma City, OK

What do you dislike most about Vic? F: He routinely violates the press box policy of no cheering by regularly beating on the front glass window while chanting "Here we go, Steelers, here we go," and waving the Terrible Towel during Packers home games.

Kurt from Vienna, WV

I didn't know there was more than one way to pronounce Green Bay. What is it?

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