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The most gifted passer I've ever covered

You have to win at the point of attack


Jim from Palmyra, WI

"Once upon a time, I couldn't wait for them to hit the newsstands. What's changed?" A) The magazine went out of business. B) Vic doesn't care; he's just waiting to collect his retirement checks. C) Vic has achieved perspective.

D) There's nothing the magazines can tell us we don't already know.

Jerry from Wilmington, NC

Three Super Bowl wins, a Super Bowl MVP and member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Vic, why isn't Troy Aikman ever in the discussion of greatest quarterbacks of all time?

His body of work was limited by a career shortened and interrupted by injury. He's always in the discussion of most accurate passers of all time.

James from New York, NY

Thanks for bringing up McCarthy's press conference after the "Fail Mary" game. I remember actually being furious at him for keeping his composure. I was hurt and wanted him to act out my frustrations by screaming about the injustice of it all. That he took the high road astounds me now and I couldn't be prouder of him. It was actually a good life lesson for me.

It makes me angry when, after a loss, fans demand accountability from the coach by calling out the players. What the fans really want is the coach to satisfy the fans' anger. A leader of men is at his best when times are toughest.

Alan from Fresno, CA

Vic, why do we need Keenan Reynolds when we already have Roger Staubach and David Robinson?

Long before Staubach and Robinson, there was Joe Bellino.

Todd from Greensboro, NC

I work for a minor league baseball team, the Greensboro Grasshoppers. Uniqueness in our name has made our merchandise popular. Your description of the A's uniforms as grasshoppers caught my attention. What did you mean?

It goes back to their days in Kansas City. Charlie O. put his team in all-yellow tops and bottoms, accented with green. The A's looked like grasshoppers. It was laughable. It angered baseball purists. The Yankees' pinstripes were indignant. What baseball should've done is listened to Finley's message: Baseball uniforms were boring. In fact, most everything about baseball was boring, and it was opening the door for pro football to become the new national pastime. Pro football was a bold game played by colorful men. Joe Namath clinched it. His white shoes and playboy image captured a nation.

Patricia from Plant City, FL

Years ago, my husband took me to a drag race, and not being a fan of racing, I was bored. I sat in the stands and read a book. Now my husband and son (Packers fans) have talked me into going to the Jacksonville game, saying I need to experience a game in person. I am not a football fan. Can you recommend a good book to take along?

Get the book that inspired the movie, "Burnt!" It'll help you through your recovery. Of course, being from Florida you know what three hours in the sun can do to your skin, so you can be of great assistance to the creamy-white faces from the Midwest that are about to become bacon.

Bill from Menominee, MI

Vic, we've established the understanding left tackle is the most valuable and talented position of the linemen group and could play the other positions if needed. Is there a similar case with a position in the receiver corps?

Split end is the X, and the split end has long been the No. 1 receiver because he has the size and strength to play on the line of scrimmage and get off the jam, and the speed to get deep.

Mac from Edmonton, AB

Summer is upon us in the great (currently not so white) north and it's time to head to the mountains for some long-awaited camping trips. Are you a tent or RV kind of guy?

One-and-a-half baths is my idea of roughing it.

John from De Pere, WI

Vic, I am sitting on my deck, smelling my freshly mowed lawn, a fresh cup of coffee and reading "Ask Vic." It just doesn't get any better.

Summer is wonderful.

Kyle from Cedar Rapids, IA

First, Bucky Brooks leaves the Packers off his list of top 10 most talented rosters. In an video, he just predicted the Packers will go 9-7, with the Vikings going 12-4, even though the Vikings have a harder schedule and the Packers are getting Nelson back and have new tight end Jared Cook. I feel Brooks is not giving this Packers team the respect it deserves.

I know a guy in Pittsburgh who's good with these things. Maybe he could talk to Bucky.

Bill from Appleton, WI

Is Aaron Rodgers the most gifted passer you have ever seen?

That's a lot of passers. How about the most gifted passer I've ever covered? That should tell you about my regard for Rodgers.

Gary from Pulaski, VA

Vic, when you stated the single wing will never be used again, I assume you mean on a widespread basis, because there are still high school teams running that offense, including Giles County, Va., high school in Pearisburg, Va., near where I live. They have been running it for all my life and I'm 56 years old. Love the column.

There are still homes in West Virginia that have outhouses, but I don't see it becoming a trend.

Kenny from Waupaca, WI

I lost my dad a little over a year ago to cancer and I made a photo collage of him to hang in my garage. The title on top says, "Memories make us rich." Thanks for the line and perspective!

We live to create them.

Luiz from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Vic, I did not watch Coach McCarthy's press conference following the "Fail Mary" game. Could you quote the main message that caught your attention, please?

I was instantly reminded of something Coach Noll said: "We don't always like the cards we're dealt, but we never, ever complain about them."

Andrew from Jacksonville, FL

What does Vic like to do during the southern afternoon thunderstorms? Puzzles, board games? Movie guy?

I sit in my screened-in porch and listen to the symphony coming from the marsh.

Dirk from La Crosse, WI

You are missing the best time to be in Wisconsin. The cottonwoods are making it snow.

Yeah, I miss those hairballs, especially the way they'd blow into my pool right after I cleaned it. It exasperated me. I hate that tree. I found this: "Cottonwood is one of the poorest wood fuels; it does not dry well and rots quickly. It splits poorly because it is very fibrous. It produces a very low level of energy per unit of volume of wood." So, not only is the tree useless, it's messy. If I was elected governor of Wisconsin, I would raise taxes to fund a campaign to kill all of the cottonwood trees in the state.

Monica from Lisbon, ME

Vic, what can football teach me about dealing with heartbreak?

How to deal with the next heartbreak.

Richard from Madison, WI

Win the one-on-ones is such a facile phrase. On any given play, there are at least 11 of them happening. Do you have to win all 11 of them to be successful? That's completely unrealistic!

You have to win the ones at the point of attack.

Freddie from Edgemoor, SC

Vic, as long as poverty keeps a strong grip on a portion of the country, football will be seen as a way out. That way out will keep the supply of players and eager parents ample, long after we're gone.

Pro football is often a desperate game played by desperate men. Unfortunately, we never run short of desperation.

Tom from Ludlow, UK

Vic, keep up the kayaking. Sharks are fascinating creatures and they won't be interested in you. Enjoy the water.

If I see one fin, I'm done.

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