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The Packers have truly become the Packers

Win over New England kicks off December run


Steve from Three Lakes, WI

Vic, as you've said all season, the Detroit game will be the difference between a top two seed, bye and home game, and a wild card with no home games. Talk about drama.

It's shaping up that way.

Kenneth from Ballerup, Denmark

Two things happened to me yesterday. Firstly, I got a year older sometime during the third quarter, as it became midnight here in Denmark. So the Packers win was my first birthday present this year. Secondly, I became a fan of Dom Capers. How on Earth he and his defense kept the Patriots to a mere 21 points with only one sack and no turnovers is beyond me.

He has better players this year. Players, not plays.

Darrell from Goldsboro, NC

Vic, due to work, I didn't see the entire game, but from what I heard, the defense really stepped up. Is anyone praising the defense or Capers for what they did?

Yes, there is praise. If they don't play well against Atlanta, there will be criticism and it'll be time to fire everyone. Praise, fire everyone. It's one or the other.

Manny from Princeton, NJ

Vic, in your opinion, why is home field such a big advantage this year? I can see why a dome can be an advantage, but Lambeau is not a particularly loud (by NFL standards) stadium and is a normal grass field, and so far weather has been a non-issue. You would think of all stadiums it would not be a big homefield advantage.

We've had a very cold November. I think the Packers are embracing the cold, which means they are embracing their identity and heritage as a football team. I think that's the difference. I think the Packers have truly become the Packers.

Jayke from Las Vegas, NV

So the statement is we get the media hype for the next six days. Then it's up for grabs again?

That's correct. For the next six days, the Packers will reign as the greatest team in the history of the world.

Rob from Amston, CT

Vic, the most impressive thing for me in yesterday's victory was the sense that Brady and Belichick really wanted it. How important is a win like this in setting a team up for a December/January hot streak?

It's a start.

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