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The Packers needed one more takeaway

Receiving corps should be strong in 2016


Raff from Wallingford, CT

Vic, where does Saturday's game rank in your list of favorites?

It's not top 10, but I'll never forget it. It was an outstanding game. The coaches put together a great game plan and the players did a great job of executing it. The Packers limited the Cardinals to 63 plays in an overtime game. If it wasn't for the Cardinals' 14-play, 7:09 drive in the fourth quarter, the Packers would've scored a big time-of-possession win. It's what the Packers had to do: Win the turnover battle and time of possession. I said in "Final Thoughts" the Packers needed to win the turnover battle by two. One more would've done it.

Richard from Canton, GA

Vic, how do your days start to look in this offseason? What can we expect from your column?

You can expect to read "Ask Vic" every day at the same time, but not "Ask Vic Extra!" This is the final "Ask Vic Extra!" of the season. This is when I get nostalgic.

P.B. from Minneapolis, MN

Will the 2015 Packers be remembered for what they did or didn't accomplish?

They'll be remembered for two Hail Mary touchdown passes, and for a season-long struggle on offense. The thing that bothers me most about Saturday's loss is I think the Packers had turned the corner and were on their way up. I think they finished the season playing their best football and they had another gear left in them.

Mike from Rochester, NY

Vic, while the Cardinals game was disappointing, it finally gave us an idea of what Jeff Janis is capable of. That said, who do you feel (Nelson, Cobb, Montgomery, Adams, Jones, Janis, Abbrederis) will most likely form the starting WR lineup next season?

Mike, the season just ended two days ago. Nobody can answer that question right now. Here's what we know: The emergence of Jeff Janis and Jared Abbrederis on Saturday, the return to health of Jordy Nelson and Ty Montgomery next season, and the likely addition of a draft pick or two, will likely give this team a strong receiving corps in 2016.

Justin from Atlanta, GA

Vic, nine times out of 10, the deflection off Randall in the end zone gets caught by the defense. What about the obvious block being thrown by the receiver riding our defensive back into the end zone?

I will not acknowledge woe-is-us stuff about this game. A 100-yard interception return was nullified by penalty, and the Packers effectively executed two Hail Mary passes to send the game into overtime. Our luck cup runneth over this season.

Ross from Stephenson, MI

Isn't it true that sometimes during the "Hero's Journey" he thinks he has gold but comes out of the forest with nothing but ashes?

Whatever. I'm not a big fan of the "Hero's Journey." It's a lot of mumbo jumbo.

Dave from Howards Grove, WI

Players are cleaning out lockers and having their exit interviews. My question is what do the coaches do between now and the draft at the end of April? Do they take some time off? When they do get back to work, what's on the agenda?

They'll immediately begin doing review work. They'll take some time off and then go to the combine and begin working on the draft prospects. They know who the Packers' opponents are for next season, so they'll begin working on them, too.

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