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Their edge is their sense of urgency

What if the Vikings beat the Giants?


Jon from Towanda, PA

Vic, I have been watching the press conferences with McCarthy and Rodgers. I'm getting an edgy vibe from the two of them. Do you think that mindset will help or hinder this team?

What you're sensing are two competitive men running out of time to help make this team the best it can be. Their sense of urgency is palpable. That's the kind of edge you want, especially in December. Warm and fuzzy is for the Hall of Fame. Cold and edgy takes you to the Hall of Fame.

Roger from St. Louis, MO

Is the Vikings game a must win for the division title?

If the Vikings beat the Giants, the Packers' game against the Cardinals is meaningless as it would pertain to the NFC North title. At that point, the Vikings-Packers game in Week 17 would decide the NFC North title. If the Vikings lose to the Giants, a Packers win over the Cardinals would win the NFC North title.

Lauren from Sparta, WI

As an avid Packers fan, I am truly worried the Packers will be one-and-done in the playoffs if they don't figure out what ails the offense. It seems to me a few players are playing at 70 percent, if that. The running game is sporadic at best, and we have a coach that says they are OK. Ten wins is great and making the playoffs is great, but this team may have a short postseason if they don't get their act together. Your thoughts?

You signed up for this, which means you accepted the possibility the season wouldn't end with a Super Bowl title. The mystery truly excites me. It's your choice, excitement or worry. There are no guarantees.

Jordan from Hamilton, NY

Vic, Aaron Rodgers is too good of a quarterback to be having this type of season. Even with a stout offensive front, they are bottom third in the NFL. He seems less passionate this year and never takes shots down field. Are we seeing a decline in Aaron Rodgers or a very lackluster offensive coaching staff?

You're seeing the effects of a great quarterback being married to a great coaching staff. That's how the Packers have managed to win 10 games despite having lost their star wide receiver before the season began.

Jim from Viroqua, WI

The pass play late in the fourth quarter seemed odd. Rodgers claimed in his postgame press conference he was trying to throw it to Woodson. On Monday, Charles Woodson retired from the NFL. I assumed Rodgers was kidding us. Thoughts?

It was a joke. He was just trying to lighten the mood, I think.

Garland from Ankara, Turkey

I'm a writer and I often go back and read my own work to see how my writing style has evolved over time. Do you read your own work and do you like you?

I, too, am a writer, and I like me, but I have never gone back to read my work to see how my writing style has evolved. Payday does that for me.

Ryan from Somerset, WI

Vic, I was listening to a prominent Wisconsin sports radio station yesterday morning and there were people out for McCarthy's head! We're in the playoffs, people! Why are people always so negative?

Do not listen to that station. There have been reports of mad cow disease infecting sports talk radio listeners in Wisconsin.

J.J. from Cape Coral, FL

Time to trade Rodgers and Matthews?

Oh, no, it's spread to Florida.

K.J. from Minneapolis, MN

"The only true wisdom comes in knowing you know nothing." If we know nothing, why not at least choose something that has the potential to bring us happiness? Have the courage to quiet your fears and embrace the potential of being vulnerable.

And now Minnesota, too. This is terrible.

Anthony from Durham, UK

I got the impression leading up to and after the game that it's hard to prepare for an unfamiliar team later in the season. Why do you think that is?

I don't know what to say except it's Christmas and we're all in misery.

Cale from Little Chute, WI

Why isn't your offense better? I said I was going to work towards a more balanced team and we're headed in that direction. McCarthy is impressive.

Direction, meet destination. We have run out of highway, Cale. I think Coach McCarthy knows it. Sunday, we'll find out if the Packers have arrived.

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