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This is not the time to quit on Eddie Lacy

Packers fans stunned by failures on offense


Adam from Hillsboro, KS

Vic, your question to Aaron Rodgers was about scheme and he said they didn't make the adjustments. Am I right in interpreting this as execution adjustments, not schematic? It seems clear to me they have to execute their game plan, which means block, don't fumble, and run the ball when teams dare them to. The game is about human confrontation, not scheme. I hope the Packers figure out their run game and fast.

I don't know. He voluntarily said, "We didn't make enough adjustments to score enough points." So I asked him if by adjustments he meant scheme adjustments. He said, "Adjustments, yeah. We didn't make enough adjustments." I'm not sure what that means. I have a feeling he meant the Packers weren't able to atone for their inability to run the ball. Maybe there were some other things they could've done. I don't know. In my mind, it's either run the ball and make the Lions play run, or give Aaron Rodgers enough time to let his receivers come open. The Packers weren't able to do either, but what do I know?

Dustin from Indianapolis, IN

Vic, I'm surprised it doesn't seem your inbox is full of doom and gloom. The defense played well but I feel people are stunned by how bad the offense has played thus far. Do we see more of Starks this week with Lacy's struggles?

Stunned is a good explanation. This fan base isn't accustomed to failing on offense. I'm not sure it knows how to react other than to blame the play calling, which is what they do in every town, even where they're not accustomed to good offense. The Packers need Eddie Lacy to get into his 2013 groove. Quitting on him isn't the answer. He has a role and James Starks has a role. Lacy's role is to be one of this team's star players.

Jeremy from Atlanta, GA

I think it's time the Packers stop complaining about defenses rushing four and dropping seven and finally find a way to beat it. It's been this team's kryptonite for far too long.

They found a way to beat it last season. Lacy was the way, and opponents not only stopped dropping seven, they started focusing on stopping Lacy. Stopping the run is No. 1 for every team. If you can run the ball, there's no excuse for not being able to throw it. Run it!

Michael from Elizabethtown, KY

What can the Packers learn from tonight's game that can help them win next Sunday?

They'll learn whether to rush or cover. The Jets are masters of that decision. Rex Ryan wants to rush. If he doesn't rush or can't rush, you better cover.

Tom from Shaftsbury, VT

Did the Packers go into the Lions game overconfident or just undercoached?

It was neither. They went into that game out of sync. This team hasn't been up to par on offense since the season began. Not enough playing time in the preseason? Maybe, but they lost JC Tretter in the preseason and fans said don't play any starters in the preseason. Is it due to Lacy suffering a concussion in the opening game? How can that not be a factor?

Paul from Eau Claire, WI

I know the sentiment after this past loss was the defense played up to expectations. Would you agree there are rather large opportunities for improvement there? Watching the game, it struck me the Packers still have issues tackling, and the yards after the initial contact were huge for Detroit yesterday and came at times when a stop might allow the offense back on the field.

I got a very strong feeling, before Mike McCarthy said it, the Packers defense wore out. The Lions dominated time of possession. In the fourth quarter, the Packers defense was playing on fumes and without Clay Matthews. If you're looking for a better defensive performance than that, you're looking in either the wrong league or the wrong era.

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