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This is your day to get gas

For what are you grateful?


Christopher from Eau Claire, WI

Hey, Vic, I was wondering if you were still going to do two "Ask Vics" on Thanksgiving Day? If so, I'd be thankful. I would also be thankful for a Cenex gas card to help drive back and forth to North Dakota.

Be thankful. You're gonna get gas.

K.J. from Minneapolis, MN

Vic, I am grateful for family, friends, a good job, my health and another successful Packers season. May your plate be full and winsome today.

I am grateful for the good and the bad. We need one to identify the other.

Jacoby from La Crosse, WI

Vic, would it be safe to say this game is going to make a statement about one of these teams?

My 12 is better than your 12, my 12 is better than yours. My 12 …

Bell from Tacoma, WA

Vic, you win the toss. Defer or receive vs the Patriots?

I'm a defensive guy: defer. I want their ball and we're going to score.

Michael from International Falls, MN

Vic, dad taught me in poker you can't play scared. What do you think the game plan is vs. Revis?

I'm big on rule of thumb: Against great corners, throw deep, not short.

Matthew from Los Angeles, CA

I never understand why people are mad at you for giving your opinion. That's why we are asking questions, right?

That's why I'm answering them. Fans like to be angry. Go ahead and be angry at me. I'm accustomed to it. I've spent a lifetime being disliked. It's fun.

Jake from Menasha, WI

Happy Thanksgiving, Vic. If the Packers are victorious, Rodgers will win the MVP. If the Pats win, Brady will win the MVP. Agree or disagree?

It's a little more than that. If one of the quarterbacks in this game stands on his head, he'll win the MVP.

Paul from De Pere, WI

Vic it's clear Mike McCarthy does not enjoy press conferences but he understands this is part of the job. What value or benefit can he derive from his interactions with the media? Do you see him missing an opportunity there, or is he spot on with his approach?

Maybe he ascribes to the Chuck Noll approach to press conferences. Coach Noll called it the "mushroom theory": Keep them in the dark and feed them a lot of poop. I'm fine with it. Just say something I can quote. I'll take it from there.

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