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This one has a big game feel to it

Running game could help slow down the Eagles


Noah from Brisbane, Australia

Vic, what will be the key to stopping the Eagles' pass rush?

Blocking Connor Barwin.

Ken from Niagara Falls, NY

Vic, love your work. I also love defense. Many thought last night's game was boring. I thought it may have been one of the best prime-time games so far this season. I love defense. Am I a dinosaur?

You are in the extreme minority.

Ray from Manhattan, KS

Sometime in the near future, Bart Starr is well and you find yourself in a room with Bart, Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers, ready to conduct an interview. What is your first question?

I would probably ask Bart his thoughts on being in the same room with Favre and Rodgers. Whatever the first question is, it would be asked of Bart.

Cody from Rice Lake, WI

Vic, when do you see a team overseas?

I think we're going to see some kind of team experiment in London within five years. It might not be for a full season's worth of games, but I think at some point the league will want to know if it can build a brand for a team in London.

R.J. from Grand Rapids, MI

Why is Miami not wearing white at home? I thought they had a long tradition of wearing white at home.

They didn't wear white because it was a night game and the sun, obviously, wasn't a factor. I think the white/dark thing as it pertains to the sun is grossly overrated.

Dave from Lake Zurich, IL

If I'm understanding your answer correctly, the Packers have home games with 2,000 or so no-shows? I'm stunned to hear this. I recall when the Packers played Carolina in the NFC Championship Game there were four no-shows (three-degree weather), and Reggie White said his wife was one of them.

Most teams have far more than two thousand no-shows. It's especially impressive for a team with a national following. We've reached the point that a lot of "national" teams have ticket-holders from out of state and far away. They're people that hold season tickets for the game or two each year they want to see, and they're willing to "eat" the rest. There is no loss of passion for Packers football. If anything, it's intensifying.

Sam from Hobart, Australia

Is the Packers' lack of wins against quality teams a concern heading into the final stretch of the season?

It's not a concern to me. The Packers will have a chance to get one of those "quality" wins this weekend. So, how will that help them in the postseason? Just make it into the playoffs; that's the goal.

Jackson from Wausau, WI

Vic, if you could choose any player in Packers team history in their prime to add to the roster today, what player would you select and why?

I would select Dave Robinson because I think his talents would translate best to the contemporary game. You could play him inside or outside, and you could drop him into coverage or have him rush the passer. Robinson, in my opinion, was ahead of his time.

Mike from Green Bay, WI

Vic, one of the strongest characteristics of a winning team is that they bond and like each other. It looks to me that when the players are interviewed, I see that tight relationship. Do you see it?

Yeah, I do, and I think it's something the Packers promote. I think the team drafts players with bonding-type personalities, and I think the team promotes closeness by treating everyone within the locker room with the utmost respect.

Jerry from Kent, WA has just crowned the Packers the jewel of the NFC, Super Bowl bound and all. Is it wrong that this actually makes me slightly nervous? It is too much attention for my liking.

My inbox mostly includes those complaining the Packers don't get enough attention and respect from the media. Either way, it's meaningless. The media is for fun. Our goal in all of this is to aid your enjoyment of the game. Look at it that way.

Joe from Bloomington, IN

The Packers' draft was amazing, considering Ted Thompson didn't listen to you and draft Borland.

Chris Borland would've been a nice fit on this team, but he wasn't judged to fit in the second round and he was gone by the time the Packers picked in the third round. I don't hear many complaints about having picked Davante Adams.

Tyler from Cedar Falls, IA

In “10 things,” you said we should have long drives. We are a team of quick drives. How do we slow down?

I'd like to see the Packers lean a little harder on the running game this week. One of the ways to take an up-tempo team out of its personality is to dominate time of possession and limit your opponent's snaps.

Tony from Saint Paul, MN

Vic, what do you think of the new trophy?

I think this goes back to what Mike Holmgren said about the Lombardi Trophy meaning more to Green Bay, for the obvious reason that the trophy is named for the most important man in Packers history. Packers fans see the Lombardi Trophy as belonging to Green Bay. I'm OK with the new trophy. Plus, Lambeau Field has become a shrine of sorts for Packers football and its fans. The new trophy deepens the entertainment value for fans making the trek to Lambeau Field.

Bob from Washington, DC

Vic, my congratulations on the success of the column. Of course, this begs the question: Is the popularity because the Packers are a winning team, you are so talented and dedicated, or both?

Everything starts with the team and its fan base. Take away the wins and the fans, and the column is a dud.

Tim from La Crosse, WI

Vic, this game has the first big game feel of the year. Do you have that feeling as well?

Yeah, I do. This one is building to a crescendo, but I still don't think the importance of this game is being fully appreciated. If the Packers and Eagles don't win their respective divisions, this one could be for the playoffs.

Dan from Madison, WI

Corey Linsley is currently rated as the third-best center in the league. Is he the steal of the draft?

He's this year's David Bakhtiari. Talk about steal of the draft.

Stephen from Long Beach, CA

Have you ever played Madden?


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