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Thompson Speaks On Favre, Sharper


On a busy news day at 1265 Lombardi Avenue, General Manager Ted Thompson addressed the media regarding the developments surrounding two of the more prominent names on the Packers' roster.

Thompson spoke briefly about the news that quarterback Brett Favre would be returning to Green Bay for a 14th season in the Green and Gold, as well as the fact that the team had parted ways with veteran safety Darren Sharper.

The general manager expressed the feeling that every Packer fan shared in regard to Favre.

"I think everybody's happy about it," Thompson said. "I had spoken to Brett a few days ago, Coach Sherman spoke with him last night, and he's coming back to play just like he's played the last 14 years and we're excited about it. I think the NFL is better to have Brett Favre in its league than without."

Thompson stated that he believes Favre's decision was heavily influenced by the health of his wife, Deanna, who has been undergoing treatment for breast cancer.

"I don't think he ever lost his passion for the game. I think he's very excited about coming back. I think his main concern was Deanna, and she's doing better. She's through with her treatments for now and so I think he's looking forward to a good year.

"I don't know that we were overly obsessed with it. We felt like Brett needed his time to do what he needed to do and like I said, I think the good news is Deanna's over most of the treatment that she has to go through and we're excited about that."

Thompson said he had no indication how many more seasons Favre intends on quarterbacking the Packers, but wouldn't be surprised if the gunslinger is around for a while.

"At some point, we'll all retire and I think at some point in time Brett will," Thompson said. "I don't think he needs to be bombarded all year long about 'Is this your last year?' I think he's coming back and he might be here for several years to come."

Thompson said that he had worked diligently trying to re-work Sharper's contract, but the two parties weren't able to strike a new deal, bringing about the veteran's release.

"We spent a lot of time talking with Darren and his representative, and we never could come to a position where both sides felt like we were close enough to really do anything for the long-term, so that's where we are."

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