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Ticket Prices Holding Steady For '09


The Green Bay Packers are holding their ticket prices steady in 2009, breaking a recent trend of raising prices every other year.

Citing the current state of the economy and the impact it has had both locally and nationally as one of the main factors, President and CEO Mark Murphy said ticket prices for the coming year would remain at the same levels as the '07 and '08 seasons.

"We felt this was appropriate for our ticket holders," Murphy said. "We're sensitive to the situation many of our fans may be in, and hopefully holding prices is helpful to them. We're all going through this together and everyone is taking measures to deal with the situation they find themselves in, both at an individual and business level."

To reduce expenses in the near-term, the team announced last fall it would be holding off on an Atrium expansion project. Continued scrutiny of expenses will be key moving forward, as will keeping Lambeau Field the viable, revenue-producing asset it has been since the 2003 renovation.

"Overall, revenue-wise, we'll work with the situation," Murphy said. "Our other sources of revenue certainly remain important, and even become a little more important in the bigger picture. It's vital that we maintain our strong relationships with our partners, particularly our sponsors at the local level.

"We're fortunate to have great relationships with our sponsors. They value being teammates with the Packers and our fans, and we'll continue working with our sponsors to help them maximize the relationship. We ask our fans to be supportive of our sponsors, too."

The Packers last raised prices in 2007, putting season tickets between the 20-yard lines (sections 115-124 and 322-330) at $72, other sideline seats (sections 109-114, 125-230, 314-320 and 332-338) at $64 and end zone seats (sections 100-108, 131-138, 303-312 and 340-354) at $59. The average stadium bowl ticket price of approximately $64 is expected to rank somewhere in the lower third of NFL pricing in 2009.

Private box tickets in 2009 also will remain at $72. Suite leases and club seat ticket prices are set per contract with each individual suite or ticket holder.

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