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Tight end powerful weapon in red zone

I had to scream in the press box


John from Minnetonka, MN

Vic, if the Saints are that good at home, why aren't they that good on the road?

Dome teams have a tendency to have split personalities. The environment in the Superdome last night can't be recreated outdoors. The Saints will never play a game in an outdoor stadium that the environment won't be radically different from the environment in which they play their home games. It forces them to become a different team for those outdoor games, and I think that hurts them.

Paul from Kilrush, Ireland

Is the lack of a dominant tight end hurting the red zone offense?

The tight end is a powerful weapon in the red zone. Andrew Quarless caught the game-winner in Miami, but committed a costly drop last night.

Gerinom from Dodge, KS

Vic, give me a Packers blowout victory every time! I'm not for close games that end in defeat.

The league is doing everything in its power to not give you what you want.

Nathan from Bismarck, ND

What would your greatest football commandment be? I think mine might have to be, "Thou shalt not chortle."

Mine would be "Just win, baby." Sean Payton went for it on fourth-and-1 near midfield, just as Mike McCarthy did. Winning is the difference maker.

Don from Roscoe, IL

Vic, how can you be against punters in the Hall? We just witnessed a game between two obvious Hall of Fame punters. Each team was so afraid of the other's punter that they did everything within their power to keep them off the field.

That's hilarious.

Alex from Fort Wayne, IN

During the postgame locker room interviews, both Clay Matthews' and Randall Cobb's voices sounded hoarse. Is that a direct result of having to scream over the crowd noise, or is there an illness going around?

It wouldn't surprise me if it was the result of the noise, most of which was manufactured. Let me tell you how bad it was: Mike Spofford sat directly next to me in the press box and I had to lean over and yell into his ear, "How many yards?" My greatest worry is that I might have to go back to that place for a playoff game.

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