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Training Camp Report - August 21


The Green Bay Packers returned to Clarke Hinkle Field in shells Thursday for the final set of two-a-days before hosting the Carolina Panthers, Saturday night.

Donald Driver dazzled the nearly 800 fans lining the fences during the morning practice, consistently hauling in bullets thrown by Brett Favre.

Driver first connected with Favre along the left sideline, beating cornerback Derek Combs for a 30-yard reception, and later was forced to change directions to catch up with the pass on a crossing route in the middle of the field, good for 20 yards.

Quarterback Akili Smith placed a perfectly thrown ball in the hands of Mike Horacek, just out of reach of Jacoby Shepherd for a 45-yard score.

Inside the red zone, it was Favre again carving up the defense, first dropping a pass over the shoulder of Javon Walker in the left corner of the end zone.

On the ensuing play, Herbert Goodman climbed the ladder to pull down a pass just over the head of cornerback Bhawoh Jue, but was unable to get both feet in bounds.

Favre was successful however, when Robert Ferguson hauled in a 10-yard strike for a score and tight end Bubba Franks jumped to make a one-handed catch in the end zone.

In the afternoon practice, it was more offense.

Inside the red zone, the Packers scored on four consecutive plays, beginning when Favre lofted a pass just over the outstretched arms of cornerback Mike McKenzie, hitting tight end Bubba Franks in the front right corner of the end zone.

Quarterbacks Craig Nall and Doug Pederson also took advantage of the defense. Nall found tight end Wesley Walls wide open in the middle of the field for a 10-yard score and Walker jumped over Jue to pull down a Pederson pass in the right corner of the end zone.

The scoring streak ended when Al Harris picked off a Favre pass after Walker slipped in the end zone.

In goal-line situations, Pederson split two defenders -- Jue and Jacoby Shepherd -- with a bullet to tight end David Martin for a touchdown.

Sitting out the morning session, defensive tackle Gilbert Brown returned for the afternoon non-contact practice to work with the first team defense.

GM/Head Coach Mike Sherman allowed veterans Joe Johnson and Wesley Walls to take the morning practice off.

In injury news, Luther Broughton sat out the morning practice with a hamstring, but returned in the afternoon ... Najeh Davenport sat out the afternoon with a hamstring ... Na'il Diggs sat out the morning practice still suffering from a sprained shoulder, but returned in the afternoon ... Nick Luchey sat out the afternoon practice with a knee.

In preparations for Saturday's preseason game, the Packers will take practice inside Lambeau Field Friday, for a closed practice.

Only two days of public practices remain on the Packers' training camp schedule.

The Packers' next public practice will be Monday (Aug. 25) at Clarke Hinkle Field (weather permitting): 11:10 a.m. - 12 noon (shells) and 1:30 - 3:30 p.m. (pads).

The Packers will wrap up training camp workouts Tuesday (Aug. 26) 11 a.m. - 1:30 p.m. (shells).

Where: Clarke Hinkle Field

Weather: 88 degrees, sunny

Did Not Participate: Reggie Coleman (hip), Tyrone Davis (knee), Jorg Heckenbach (kidneys), Chris Johnson (knee), Rob Johnson (knee), James Lee (hip), Jermaine Petty (knee), Lamar Smith (knee), Marcus Spriggs (knee), Adam Tate (knee), Jeremy Unertl (groin).

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