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Training Camp Report - July 30


Almost 850 fans lined the fences at Clarke Hinkle Field Wednesday for one of the more spirited practices of training camp thus far.

Newly-signed running back Herbert Goodman, who goes by the nickname "Whisper," introduced himself to cornerback Bryant Westbrook in a loud way as the two collided on a running play up the middle during full-contact team drills.

Goodman left Westbrook flat on his back, prompting running back Najeh Davenport to leave the sideline to congratulate his fellow ball carrier with a chest bump and high-five.

"I love football and the contact of it," the hard-hitting Westbrook said. "You get banged up sometimes. Today I took one on the chin, but I'll get back up."

Davenport, who has mostly been dishing out the hits in practice, found himself running into an immovable object during the morning session. That immovable object wears No. 93.

"That wasn't me making the hit, that was him (Gilbert Brown) making the hit," Davenport said. "I think (Tony) Fisher said, 'That's like running into a brick wall.'

"That's what it felt like. After he slid off the block, I just tried to lower my head and drive through him, but I've got a stiff neck now."

Brown practiced for the first time in pads Wednesday after finalizing his contract Tuesday morning.

Working inside the red zone, Favre split two defenders to hit Karsten Bailey in the end zone, and later cleared the way for wide receiver Carl Ford to score on an end-around play.

On defense, Eric Powell was able to get past guard Grey Ruegamer to stop Fisher in the backfield.

Earlier Powell and Ruegamer were involved in a brief scuffle, but GM/Head Coach Mike Sherman laughed at the notion that the fracas might be cause for concern.

"It's no big deal," Sherman said. "I'm glad it doesn't happen in the locker room, it happens down here, and it's in a controlled environment. Two guys hitting each other with helmets on and shoulder pads, it's not a big problem. Take those off, maybe it'd be a problem."

In goal line situations, quarterback Akili Smith scored on a keeper from 3 yards out and Ahman Green took a flip pass from Favre into the end zone from 4 yards away.

On special teams, return man Antonio Chatman displayed a combination of speed and quickness to

outrun defenders along the right sideline, garnering cheers from nearby "railbirds."

Defensive end Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila continues to be a force in practice. In back-to-back downs, KGB sacked Nall and then stopped running back Keith Burnell in the backfield.

Wide receiver Donald Driver was excused from practice to attend the birth of his first child. Cristian Donald Driver was born Wednesday afternoon.

In injury news, Najeh Davenport (hip), Bubba Franks (knee) and DeAndrew Rubin (back) returned to practice ... Aaron Kampman (calf) and Al Harris (hip) sat out the morning practice, but participated in the afternoon ... Nick Luchey was added to the injury list, with a bruised knee, but is expected to return Thursday ... Chris Johnson missed practice with a hamstring injury, is expected to return before Monday's preseason game ... Earl Cochran is out with a subluxation of his left shoulder.

The following players participated in the morning, but were held out of the afternoon practice: Gilbert Brown, Chad Clifton, Joe Johnson, Mark Tauscher.

Weather permitting, the Packers return to Clarke Hinkle Field for a pair of practices Thursday: 8:45-11:15 a.m. (pads) and 2:15-3:15 p.m. (special teams).

Where: Clarke Hinkle Field

Weather: 78 degrees, afternoon thundershowers

Did Not Participate: Keith Burnell (hip), Earl Cochran (shoulder), Donald Driver (hamstring), Robert Ferguson (tailbone), Jorg Heckenbach (kidneys), Chris Johnson (hamstring), James Lee (hip), Nick Luchey (knee), David Martin (hamstring), DeAndrew Rubin (back), Terdell Sands (ankle), Lamar Smith (knee), Adam Tate (knee), Rod Walker (shoulder), Steve Warren (back), Reggie White (knee), Jerry Wisne (calf).

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--Jason Bellamy contributed to this report.

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