Transcript - Donald Driver Conference Call With Panthers Media - Nov. 14


On the offense playing well

It's been good. Our biggest thing is that we know we can execute. Early on in the season we were playing well but we weren't playing our best offensively. I think last week proved we can score at any time. I think when we run three, four, and five wide receivers people get scared and nervous.

On the offensive weapons

This has probably been the best receiver group I've played with in a long time. Our running game is now up to par. Now, a lot of people are expecting our offense to run the ball well. Our offensive line is blocking well. All around, on offense right now, we are solid.

On the difference in Brett Favre

I don't see any difference in him. I've been with him 10 years. It doesn't change with me. Some of these guys, this is their first year. Like Greg Jennings, this is his second year with Brett, so he may see a little more difference in Brett than I do. I've seen him for a long time and I don't see any change.

On Koren Robinson

His biggest thing was to get back on the field and play the game he loves. Commissioner Goodell gave him the opportunity to play the game and now he is enjoying it. He knows the mistakes that he made and I think his biggest thing is he doesn't want to make them anymore.

On if Koren Robinson has matured

I don't know. He's a grown man. I can't control his issues. I think right now he knows the mistakes that he has made and he knows how to fix them.

On if he is an offensive weapon

I think he has proved that. The two weeks that he has been back he has been making plays. That proves that he is back and that he is in great shape.

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