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Ty Montgomery is '100 percent a running back'

Key comments from the Packers' coordinators and offensive assistant coaches


GREEN BAY -- The Packers' coordinators and offensive position coaches met with the media on Monday afternoon.

Here are some of their key comments:

Special teams coordinator Ron Zook
(on the FG struggles)

"That's the great thing about having a deal like Family Night. Everybody is kind of amped up a little bit, things change, and that's a great experience. Derek (Hart) said, 'I wish we could do this more often,' and I said you'll get your chance Thursday night.

"It's not a relaxed atmosphere, and I think it was good for us."

(on Crosby)

"He's a pro. He'll fix what he has to fix, and we have to get the other guys to fix what they have to fix. We have to go do it. I'm not concerned yet."

Defensive coordinator Dom Capers
(on House sitting out with hamstring injury)

"Obviously we want to make sure with Davon that the injury doesn't become an issue. We want to get him healthy. We like the progress he's made since he's been back. He's shown good leadership in that room, and I think he's played well out there. It gives us a chance to look at some other combinations of people, which we need to do as we go through these preseason games."

(on the safeties playing ILB in the nitro package)

"Burnett's done it and done it well, what we've asked him to do. He knows it pretty well now. We've been trying to get Josh a lot more reps. You look at Josh physically, he's a guy we think can be a physical player down in there at 220 pounds, and he can match up on a lot of the athletic backs, tight ends they have to cover."

(on working young players)

"Preseason is the next step, and for us that's the biggest indication of where a guy is heading into the season. You don't want to do it by trial and error in the regular season."

Offensive coordinator Edgar Bennett
(on TE Rodgers)

"He gets an opportunity to learn from two really good pros. That being said, Richard is having a fantastic camp. You turn the tape on, you see him going up and attacking the ball, using his body, using his good hands he's blessed with to make the catch. We're excited about the progress he's making. He's been consistent this camp."

(on QB Rodgers and TE Bennett)

"Both of them are extremely competitive, and that's probably the starting point. They want to win everything they do, every situation. That's what you look for, that's what you love. You talk about guys playing with that passion, that drive. We're excited about the chemistry between those two, and the entire offense having that chemistry."

OL coach James Campen
(on when he saw Taylor playing at this level)

"There always is a point where you get comfortable and the player makes you comfortable, where you say he could fill in here or become a starter here. There's always a point. You fall in love quick and then they hurt you, and you fall back in love again. It's about consistency. Players have to be consistent, but there is a point where you go, OK, and you recommend to the head coach. It's always a process."

(on Linsley)

"We limited him a little in the beginning, but now he has no restrictions. He's progressing very well."

(on Evans)

"A couple practices ago, I asked him how he's feeling. He said 'I feel good.' I told him I might try to take some reps off of you, and he said, 'Coach, I'm a worker, but you do what you need to do.' He hasn't had many reps off. He's solid. He asks questions rookies would ask, because he wants to know why. He's a professional. He's a joy to be around."

QB coach Alex Van Pelt
(on Hundley's improvements heading into preseason)

"To me it's his footwork, his feel for the rhythm of the pass game. He's really starting to trust his feet and work through his progressions with the proper footwork. I'm excited for Brett to get some action. It'll be big for him. It'll be a big preseason, and hopefully we'll get him a lot of playing time to make up for last year."

(on playing time for offensive starters in preseason)

"I think Coach has a great feel for where we are and how our guys are performing in the system, and I think that dictates how much guys will end up playing in the preseason. Aaron will get himself ready, regardless of how much he plays in preseason."

(on Rodgers as scout team QB)

"I think you're stressing the defense. He doesn't always stay on script. He doesn't always go to the guy that's circled, and he makes the defense cover the whole field. He'll make throws he may not make in a game, just to see if he can squeeze it into a small window. He'll challenge himself."

WR coach Luke Getsy
(on Clark)

"When Mike got here for that rookie camp that we had, you saw a guy who literally doesn't have any football experience. That was evident from the first meeting we had. What's awesome now is seeing some of those successes. The basketball skills show up. His confidence is definitely growing since our first day of camp."

(on Allison)

"He needs to get a lot of exposure, but you don't want to overdo a guy either. He's been getting a good amount of reps, and he's been attacking those reps. I really like the progression of where G-mo's at."

TE coach Brian Angelichio
(on the interaction between Rodgers and Bennett/Kendricks)

"Anytime you have an opportunity to have veteran players that have accumulated the starts they have, all players can learn from them. The interaction between those guys and Rich has been healthy, and Rich has been an asset to them with knowing the offense, going into his fourth year. It's been good for both sides."

(on coaching Bennett)

"Marty's a pro. He's a communicator, which you need. With Marty, he's looking to do it how we want it here, how Aaron wants it most importantly, and making sure he's getting his timing and getting in the right spots. He knows the game, and now he's learning what his role is going to be in the offense."

RB coach Ben Sirmans
(on the preseason games for the rookies)

"From a personnel standpoint, they're very important. This is the time guys' skill sets can really be defined. I have a good feel for them, and they'll get better as time goes on. I think they just have to get a good taste of the speed of the game."

(on Montgomery)

"To be honest with you, he looks like he's been playing there from the day he set foot on the field here. He's looking like a running back. That's how he goes about his business. He still needs more work. I feel pretty confident that he's 100 percent a running back."

(on the fullback role)

"We all know the game has changed from those big, hard-nosed fullbacks who get in there and destroy people. Now, with so much about leverage and athleticism to put yourself in position, as a fullback if you create a stalemate or prevent your guy from making the tackle, you won."

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