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Ty Montgomery might try to play with broken ribs at Dallas

Packers RB got hurt on first play of last week's Chicago game


GREEN BAY – Packers running back Ty Montgomery said he's going to discuss with the medical staff the options for protecting his broken ribs, with an eye toward playing on Sunday in Dallas.

"I'm going into this week as if I'm going to play," Montgomery said on Tuesday, the players' first day back after a long weekend following last Thursday's victory over the Bears.

"I'm not willing to risk my overall long-term health, but at the end of the day it's going to be up to me."

Montgomery said he broke his ribs on the first play of the Chicago game, a 5-yard run during which a defender's knee was lodged in his ribs as another defender finished taking him down.

"The defensive tackle landed full body weight on him, so it was like a hammer-and-nail type situation," Montgomery said. "His knee was hammered into my rib cage."

Montgomery carried the ball four more times over the next five plays before taking himself out, realizing the "moving and clicking" he was feeling in his chest was "not right."

The long weekend helped the ribs feel better, and the Packers will return to the practice field on Wednesday. Montgomery didn't indicate anything had been decided regarding his availability for the week.

Receiver Jordy Nelson broke his ribs in the wild- card playoff game last January, missed the divisional round the following week in Dallas, and then returned for the NFC title game in Atlanta, two weeks after the injury.

Coincidentally, Montgomery said he broke his ribs in the Atlanta game but did not play through the injury. The new injury is not to the same ribs but is on the same side of his chest, he said.

"I'll continue to get treatment and we'll talk about a plan as far as what type of protection I can wear," Montgomery said, adding that he hadn't spoken to Nelson about what he went through nine months ago.

"Obviously there's rib cages or flak jackets or whatever. We'll talk about it."

If Montgomery, who has compiled 281 yards from scrimmage (152 rushing, 129 receiving) and three TDs through four games, can't play this week, the Packers have multiple rookie options.

Jamaal Williams, who left the Bears game with a knee injury, said he's "good" and believes he can play. Aaron Jones took over the rushing duties against Chicago and carried 13 times for 49 yards and a score. Devante Mays was inactive for the Bears game and could be active this week.

But it sounds as if Montgomery wants to play through the pain, as long as he's allowed to do so.

"You just do it. That's as simple as it is," Montgomery said. "You just do it and gut it out if you can, as long as there's no risk of internal injury."

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