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Tyler Lancaster 'was close to dominant' vs. Chicago

Packers’ coordinators spoke with the media


GREEN BAY – The Packers' special teams and defensive coordinators met with the media on Thursday.

Here's a summary of their key comments.

Special teams coordinator Ron Zook

On who's going to return kicks and punts now:

"Somebody will be back there. I talked to Randall (Cobb) a little bit today, Jaire (Alexander) has been out there and handled it. The guy who's really come on is 28 (Tony Brown)."

On the Jets' special teams and returner Andre Roberts:

"They do a really good job. He's leading the NFL in punt returns, he's third in kickoff returns. He's not real flashy but he gets the job done. He's tough. He's got great vision. He gets in the game and does really good things. Obviously we have to do better than we did last week."

On the offsides on onside kicks:

"We talk about it every week. It's the last thing we say in the huddle. You cannot break the plane. We work it every week, we talk about it every week. Obviously the goal is we have to go get the football. You try to beat it into their heads you can't be offsides and you can't break the plane."

On Scott:

"Being his rookie year, there's no question in my mind JK's (next year) is going to be a lot better. It's so different for these guys being in college and then coming here. It's a long year. He's got the God-given leg talent. Now he has to do the things all pros do. He's got to work on those techniques."

Defensive coordinator Mike Pettine

On Darnold:

"He's seen a lot. It's not going to be his first game. He's shown flashes of why they drafted him where they did. Tremendous arm talent, can make throws across his body, has great vision of the field. We had some trouble with Trubisky, but you turn on the film and you see a lot of similarities."

On Matthews playing inside:

"We talked about it, and we have some packages that have him playing some inside backer in some games. Some of it, you don't get into it if the offense doesn't get in a certain personnel group. When we've seen it in practice, he's done a good job when he's asked to do it."

On Josh Jackson:

"He's been pressed into more action with Kevin (King) being down, and it's hard, because when you compare him to Jaire (Alexander), here's a rookie playing at an extremely high level. If you walked in off the street and didn't know, you wouldn't think he's a rookie. But (Josh) has had a typical rookie year. He's had his ups and his downs, and teams have gone after him. He's improved. He's like Jaire, he loves to play. We feel the future with Josh is bright, and he's got two games left and hopefully he'll prove that out."

On Tyler Lancaster:

"He's played extremely well. Just look at the Chicago game, he was close to dominant inside. We always thought he was a guy who was going to hold the point, not get moved out of his gap, but we didn't see him as potentially giving us a lot of production. We anticipated he'd fill up the grade sheet with plusses, but not necessarily a lot of statistics. It's a credit to him, a credit to Jerry Montgomery. He has a high football IQ, which is rare, especially for a young defensive lineman. He understands the defense as well. To say he's a pleasant surprise I think is a major understatement."

On the constant personnel shuffling:

"I don't remember a season anywhere I've been that we've had this much turnover on the defense. It's a challenge, but that's coaching. Like I said before, we're not going to get any sympathy cards. Who do we have, and how do we get our best 11 out there? It's our job. It's been different every week, but to me that's the best part of coaching is accepting that challenge. You hope you don't have that much turnover, but it's part of the job."