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Updated NFL Draft Order


The 2004 NFL Draft will be held April 24-25 in New York City.

Currently, the Green Bay Packers are slated to pick 25th overall.

If the Packers were to use the 25th overall choice it would be their second-latest first round pick in five years.

Last year the Packers selected middle linebacker Nick Barnett out of Oregon State with the 29th overall pick.

The Packers had the 14th overall pick in 2000 (Bubba Franks), traded up for the 10th pick in 2001 (Jamal Reynolds) and traded up for the 20th selection in 2002 (Javon Walker).

2004 NFL Draft - First Round Order

  1. San Diego
  1. Oakland
  1. Arizona
  1. Washington
  1. Detroit
  1. Cleveland
  1. Atlanta
  1. Jacksonville
  1. Houston
  1. Pittsburgh
  1. Buffalo
  1. Chicago
  1. Tampa Bay
  1. San Francisco
  1. Cincinnati
  1. New Orleans
  1. Minnesota
  1. Miami
  1. New England
  1. Dallas
  1. Seattle
  1. Denver

25. Green Bay

  1. St. Louis
  1. Tennessee
  1. Philadelphia
  1. Indianapolis
  1. Kansas City
  1. Carolina
  1. New England
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