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Vikings, Adrian Peterson make right choice

Fan invents creative scheme to stop the Lions


Leigh from Houston, TX

You may have answered this already, but what is your take on the Adrian Peterson situation?

My answer in this morning's "Ask Vic" was that I acknowledge the difficulty in choosing a course of action, and I respect whatever that choice is. This afternoon, after Peterson and the Vikings agreed he should not play until his situation is resolved, I applaud the decision. I think it's the smart play for him to make the legal issues in his life his priority.

Dave from St. Louis, MO

Scheme? What was it in last week's game that caused the Packers defense to stop the Jets?

The front people executed their run fits and played assignment football. Why didn't they do that against the Seahawks? Maybe the Seahawks were better than the Jets at denying that execution.

Tyler from Apple Valley, MN

Execution. Vic, I've seen NFL head coaches categorized as leaders and tacticians. Which is McCarthy? Is he both? Which type would you rather have?

Yes, he's both. I've never covered a head coach that wasn't both. In my opinion, however, I believe it's more important for a head coach to be a leader than it is for him to be a tactician.

TGHN from Bettendorf, IA

Vic, how would the Peterson situation been different back in the '70s?

It would've gotten less attention and he would've played in this Sunday's game with little protest. Hey, I covered a guy that tried to shoot down a police helicopter. He didn't miss a game and nobody complained.

Tom from Minneapolis, MN

Tramon Williams, so far, is looking like his old self. I'm happy for him.

That started in the second half of last season. He's played at a very high level since then.

Brian from Sussex, WI

While watching the Detroit game last week, the announcer noted that because Detroit is so unevenly balanced to the pass, Carolina stayed in their nickel defense, even when the base package would be typical. Made me think that using Richardson lined up as linebacker might be a good option instead of base defense, giving them a hybrid base/nickel to give more support in passing than the base package provides, yet, more run support than typical nickel. Thoughts on this happening this weekend?

I think you got it.

Jim from Champlin, MN

Execution. Vic, was the ratio of execution to scheme you put in your column this morning representative of the ratio you received in your inbox?

Yes. That's a question you shouldn't have to ask.

Lee from New York, NY

What makes you laugh, Vic? You seem like a guy who'd have a good sense of humor.

Laughter is a choice. I choose to do it. If others won't make me laugh, I'll make me laugh. I'll find ways to do it. I enjoy laughter.

Justin from Atlanta, GA

Vic, I was listening to "Mike and Mike" this morning and Donald Trump was their guest. They asked him what he thought about the league and it did not surprise me that he immediately talked about the amount of flags being thrown. He said he almost does not even enjoy watching the game anymore, and we are now punishing great tacklers for doing what they have been taught to do. I agree with him, and I agree with you, these changes are too much too fast.

Please don't compare me to Donald Trump. That doesn't make me laugh; that makes me sad. I've dedicated a large chunk of my life to football. It's a game I love and it's important to me. My comments are made out of respect and concern for the game. I doubt those are Trump's motives.

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