Wayne Gets Slimed For VERB


Nickelodeon's live Wild And Crazy Kids show caused quite a stir Thursday at the Weidner Center in Green Bay. So much that Packers linebacker Nate Wayne compared the energetic atmosphere to the game day ambiance of Lambeau Field.

Except instead of 65,000 screaming fans, there were 1,800 screaming kids. And instead of Brett Favre, there was SpongeBob SquarePants.

The Wild And Crazy Kids show was in town to promote VERB, a national campaign backed by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services' Centers for Disease Control that promotes healthy lifestyles among 'tweens' (ages 9-13) by encouraging physical activity.

While kids selected from the audience competed on stage in unique -- and often messy -- games, Wayne showed his support by acting as the event's official celebrity scorekeeper.

"Those kids are wild and crazy, for real," a grinning Wayne said afterward. "It looked like they had a great time and I was right there with them."

If Wayne left the event consumed by the energy of the kids, he also walked off the stage covered in gunk.

In a Nickelodeon tradition, the show came to a conclusion when Wayne was "honored" by having a bucket of green slime poured over his head.

"It's a little sweet," said Wayne of the slime, having taken in a mouthful. "It tastes like a little applesauce mixed with whatever, but it's not that bad."

Especially when it's for a good cause, like being a positive role model for kids.

"This was really special and it's part of giving back," said Wayne, himself a father of two. "When I was growing up we were just in the boring classroom, so we never had the chance to take a field trip like this."

The motto of VERB is: "It's what you do." Throughout the show, contestants invited on stage were asked to declare their favorite verb, thereby showing how they liked to stay active.

Before the show started, Wayne's verb was "tackle." But as he tiptoed toward the shower covered in slime, it most certainly had to be "wash."

"At least it's the right color," Wayne said with a laugh. "At least it's not purple."

For more information on VERB go to www.VERBnow.com.

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