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We can apply Sunday's game to our lives

Chargers' win over Seahawks didn't surprise me


Noble from Washburn, WI

Hey, Vic, love the column. It is truly a special place and I am honored to be a member of your fraternity. My question is this: Did the Chargers really play that well, or were the Seahawks not ready for the 100-plus degree weather?

It's probably a combination of both, but there's no way a team from Seattle can prepare for that kind of heat. I know this because I saw good teams come to Jacksonville early in the season and just flat stop playing. Seattle did it in the season opener in 2005, a season in which they won the NFC. They couldn't answer the bell to start the second half. That was literally a scheduled loss. The Packers have to go to Miami in mid-October. It'll still be hot down there. It'll be a challenge.

Kevin from Chicago, IL

Is there really a difference between a 3-4 with an OLB rushing and a 4-3?

The difference is the offense has to identify the fourth rusher in a 3-4. The 3-4 naturally provides more rush and cover disguise. It's one of two main reasons I prefer the 3-4 to the 4-3. The other main reason is that it allows teams to draft from a larger and more affordable pool.

Noah from Omro, WI

Vic, McCarthy ran on third-and-5 and settled for a field goal late in the first half, and won. Nobody is complaining now. Joe Philbin did something similar and lost, and he is catching flak. Reminds me of something a wise old man once said: "When you win, you're great; when you lose, you stink."

Just win, baby.

Chad from Tarpon Springs, FL

You've said we can learn from playing football, but what can we learn from watching it?

That's a wonderful question, Chad. There's much to be learned from watching football. Football truly is a microcosm of life because we can apply its circumstances to the circumstances of our lives. Sunday's game, for example, taught us the value of self-control. It taught us the value of not panicking. Were you able to deal with the 21-3 deficit calmly and maintain your focus? If you weren't, you should take steps toward fixing your behavior or you didn't learn from the experience. How about after rallying for the win? Were you humble, thankful? Coaches like to say it's a lot easier making corrections after a win than it is after a loss. Use this experience to make corrections in a happy mood.

Tom from Okabena, MN

What type of personnel is necessary to have an effective hurry-up offense?

For starters, you need a quarterback that can think on his feet and process information quickly. Without that guy, you better go back to the huddle.

Theologos from Athens, Greece

Vic, which win impressed you more on Sunday, the Chargers over Seattle or the Bears in San Francisco? I have to admit, Chicago scared me a little.

The Bears' win is more impressive because it was on the road and required a rally from being down 17-0. That kind of come-from-behind win can galvanize a team.

Kenneth from Cadiz, KY

Were you surprised the 49ers and the Seahawks lost this week?

The 49ers, yes; the Seahawks, no. I figured the combination of the spotlight of Sunday Night Football and the new ballpark's first-ever regular-season game would create an ambush effect for the Bears; their upset win stunned me. San Diego's win didn't surprise me. I have a very high opinion of the Chargers. The temperature issue made the Chargers' win even less stunning.

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