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What 2015 game has you most excited?

Roger Staubach, Terry Bradshaw or Fran Tarkenton?


Justin from Great Falls, MT

So the Falcons lose a draft pick for pumping in noise, but the Patriots get a Super Bowl win for deflating footballs. This league has never made more sense to me.

I'm not satisfied with the progress of the "Deflategate" investigation, either, but the Falcons' transgression is underscored by the fact the team's president, Rich McKay, has long been an esteemed member of the competition committee.

Del from Sterling, IL

It makes sense for the Packers to try to retain their own. They were arguably the best team last season. Do you think the change at ILB and CB could actually improve this team? Many fans are worried.

Losses to attrition and free agency challenge a team to replace the players they've lost. It's an opportunity to grow, and this team's personnel department has never failed to accept that challenge. It faced that challenge at the center position last year. How'd that turn out?

Kari from Barron, WI

If a player is injured in training camp, I assume he is still paid, but does the team receive an adjustment on their cap so they can bring in a replacement?

You pay it, you cap it.

Justin from Janesville, WI

I just saw an ESPN poll of the nation's opinion of Packers activity in free agency. Most of the nation is against the Packers' inactivity in free agency, but the state of Wisconsin loves what the Packers are doing. Is that telling?

The state of Wisconsin would love it if the Packers signed a kicker from Mars. Most of the nation is against everything. What a great poll that is.

Samuel from Jacksonville, FL

Can you name a current offensive lineman who is a Hall of Fame candidate?

Joe Thomas is a couple of years away from first-ballot-lock status.

Sean from St. Paul, MN

NFL Network put Roger Staubach above Fran Tarkenton and Terry Bradshaw for top three 1970's quarterbacks. Who would you rather have?

Even though Bradshaw beat Staubach twice in Super Bowls, I always had a special regard for Staubach. He was asked to do more in the Cowboys' offense than Bradshaw was asked to do in the Steelers' offense, until the 1978 rules changes. That's when Bradshaw's career exploded with consecutive Super Bowl MVPs. The Steelers defense was in decline in the team's last two Super Bowl years, and Bradshaw carried those teams. I've long debated between Bradshaw and Staubach. I think Staubach had a better feel for the position, but there's no denying Bradshaw's accomplishments. Today I'll tell you Staubach is No. 1, but tomorrow I might tell you Bradshaw was the best. I think it's important to note Bradshaw beat Staubach and Tarkenton in Super Bowls. That has to mean something.

Kevin from Des Moines, IA

Vic, looking at our 2015 opponents, who are you most looking forward to seeing the Packers play and why?

I think it has to be Seattle.

Conor from Milwaukee, WI

What happens to a draft pick that is forfeited?

It's lost from the draft; everybody moves up one pick. That's what happens as a result of a team making a pick in the supplemental draft.

Chris from Minneapolis, MN

What are your thoughts on how John Calipari operates in Kentucky? He seems to be a guy doing the equivalent of spending all his money in free agency instead of drafting and developing, like all three other coaches in the Final Four.

He takes an aggressive recruiting approach. His philosophy is that Kentucky can recruit the best and when you recruit the best you're likely going to lose them quickly to the NBA, so you have to replace the best with the best. If ever there was a players, not plays mindset, he has it.

Tim from Cary, IL

Is Casey Hayward ready to be a starting cornerback?

I think the Packers answered that question in free agency.

Andrew from Fort Collins, CO

Vic, if you were the Bucs' GM, would you take the risk of drafting a QB over a stud like Leonard Williams? Or would you take the better player in Williams, and try to find a less-polished QB later in the draft?

The quarterback position has to be treated differently than any other position in football. You can't win without a top quarterback. You can win without a top defensive lineman or a top player at any other position on the field except quarterback. So, if you have a shot at a player you believe will be a star quarterback, you take it.

Adam from Saint-Hyacinthe, QC

Vic, who's Tony's favorite player coming into this year's draft, according to the Packers' needs?

I think it's Kevin Johnson.

Stu from Poquoson, VA

My question is one for your general manager. My doctorate is in organization development. I've been in D.C. for years and I'm a Redskins fan. They've been in chaos since Snyder took over. My question – from a GM that maintains a consistently strong team – is what's the best management strategy for rebuilding an organization?

This is "Ask Vic," not "Ask Ted," but I think the Packers' general manager would agree with me patience is the best strategy for a rebuilding project.

Joe from Bloomington, IN

Vic, is there a cornerback in this draft that might be a steal?

I don't know who that player would be, but there is always a cornerback in the draft that becomes a steal. Cornerback is the definitive steal position. Richard Sherman is the perfect example.

Mitch from Green Bay, WI

Do teams have scouts that only scout specific position groups, or do all scouts have a region they cover?

There are area scouts and there are cross-checkers. The area scouts identify the prospects and provide information on them. The cross-checkers take a closer look at prospects, especially targeted players.

Chris from Goddard, KS

How was the Falcons' fake noise different from what you described in New Orleans?

I'm not fully sure, but recirculated crowd noise was played disruptively as the visiting team snapped the ball, whereas sirens and horns and other such manufactured noise must be turned off before the visiting team attempts to snap the ball. It's something like that. It's all noise to me.

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