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What A Relief: Herron Answers Call Of Increased Workload


Coming into Sunday's contest versus the Rams, Noah Herron didn't know if he was going to get one carry or 10 carries. For that matter, he didn't know if he was going to get any carries.

And he didn't really care.

Whatever role the second-year man out of Northwestern had was going to be up to the coaches. He just wanted to make sure that if Head Coach Mike McCarthy and the rest of team depended on him, he was going to be as prepared as he possibly could to answer the call.

After 20 carries, 106 yards, and a touchdown, it's safe to say Herron came through not only in preparing as if he was a starter, but also performing like one as well.

With Ahman Green scratched from the lineup for the second straight week with sore hamstrings, Vernand Morency got the starting nod. However, after two fumbles early in the game, one of which the Packers lost, Herron received the bulk of the work for the rest of the afternoon and he didn't disappoint.

"I thought Noah played extremely well," McCarthy said. "There are so many little things that he does outside of running the football. He's a very heady football player. He took full advantage of an excellent opportunity and he cashed in.

"In fact, I wish I would have gotten him the ball more."

Herron notched the first 100-yard effort of his career, but he admitted that it's just not the same when it comes in a loss.

"It was nice but I'd exchange the victory for it," Herron said. "It's always a good career mark, but at the same time we want to win. Individual stats don't really matter if you get a loss."

According to Herron, the guys up front made his big day possible.

"We were just in good rhythm rushing the ball today," he said. "It's a credit to our O-line. They played great. Week to week, they're getting better and better and it's really starting to show. The holes are getting bigger and the timing between the backs and line is coming together."

Perhaps the most impressive aspect to Herron's day isn't that he racked up plenty of yards and a score, but that he did it when coming into the day, there was a possibility that Green would play, which would have made Herron the No. 3 back.

The fact that it didn't change his mindset or his approach to the game is a testament to Herron's character as well.

"You always prepare to be the guy each week," Herron said. "I think all three of us...obviously Ahman is the guy, but Vernard and I do a good job of preparing so that if A.G. doesn't go, we're ready to go.

"It's just one of those things where you have a role. It changes week to week and you never really know. This week I didn't really anticipate this, but at the same time, you've got to be prepared for when your name is called to carry the load. Vern did it last week, I did it this week. A.G. has been doing it for years. As a running back, that's kind of what you want. You want your number to be called like that."

And even if Green had played and Morency received the rest of the carries as his backup, Herron made it clear that he wasn't going to concern himself with such matters.

"I wasn't worried about it," he said. "The running backs as a group have to stick together. You need more than one and all three of us so far have carried the load in separate games.

"It's something that you don't wish any ill will. When they call your number you just have to go out there and perform."

Based on Sunday's performance, you know that Herron will answer that call when given the chance.

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