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What good are all of these statements?

Packers at Lambeau reason to be confident


Peter from Toledo, OH

Vic, all the confidence is coming from the Eagles' on-the-road blowout of the Cowboys. It proves, in people's minds, that the domination of the Eagles two weeks ago indicated something special. I think it just speaks to the weird, topsy-turvy nature of football this year. What do you think?

The Eagles lost in Green Bay, 53-20, two weeks ago. What was the statement? The Eagles won by 23 in Dallas on Thursday. What's the statement? Here's a better question: What good are all of these statements?

Cole from Richmond, VA

I'm a Patriots fan that honestly shouldn't be doing this, but I don't care. Since the game is at Lambeau, how much of a difference will that make?

It should make a difference. If the game was at Gillette Stadium, what would your expectation be? I think Lambeau Field is an even bigger homefield advantage for the Packers.

Joe from Sherman, IL

Vic, I don't know exactly what happened but our turkey didn't come out right yesterday. Nobody got upset and we just enjoyed the other food we had. I guess we had perspective yesterday.

Sure you did. It was just another turkey. They'll be another turkey and that turkey will taste better. When it does, everyone will forget about yesterday's turkey.

Scott from Sheboygan, WI

When do NFL teams know which group of refs are going to work their game? Do they modify their game plan based on who the refs are?

They know in the days leading up to the game what crew will be working the game. Coach McCarthy has spoken of scouting the officials. It's important to know their tendencies. For example, Ben Dreith was known as the "holding ref," because he called a lot of holding.

Isaac from St. Paul, MN

Vic, last night, while watching Kaepernick, I kept hearing about his regression. Do you think this is a real thing? I'm beginning to think it's just been invented to make a lot of the fact that a promising young player is not playing well right now.

It's common. Terry Bradshaw regressed. Cam Newton is another one. Quarterbacks that have to shape their game to the pro style have a tendency to regress before they turn the corner. The opposition knows what Colin Kaepernick does best and they're taking it away from him. He'll deepen his game.

Hans from Front Royal, VA

Vic, you've expressed that you are not that concerned for this game. Do you think the Packers defense is being overlooked, or is the Patriots defense is being overestimated?

That's not exactly what I said. I said I'm confident. Why am I confident? Because the Packers are a good team and they're playing at home. Why not be confident?

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